Sunday 15 January 2012

"The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt." -Bertrand Russell

2012 will see the public downfall of Najib and UMNO…in that order! In the recent past we have seen all the ingredients that is a precursor of this long awaited inevitability as Najib continues to dig himself deeper and deeper into an abyss from which this shallow minded son of a Prime Minister will never be able to emerge. For now the trappings of office seems to give Najib the comfort and illusion that his public downfall from office will not happen. Would you not think the same if you were in his position?

He wakes up in Sri Perdana. A huge mansion overlooking his magical kingdom of Putrajaya from where he rules over 26 million of his subjects. His mansion overlooks the King’s palace and the Sultan of Selangor’s retreat beside the lake! Is he not Lord of all that he surveys?

But all this is an illusion.

The same illusion that UMNO has created for itself in the last 50 years of its rule over us all. They delude themselves to be the savior of the Malays! The savior of Islam. But according to UMNO the Malays and Islam are now under dire threats from enemies within! So what has UMNO done in these past 50 years?   

Najib is now dazzling us with a slew of transformation initiatives  that will bring massive changes towards good governance and more civil liberties for the Rakyat and of course developing Malaysia into a high income economy!

Of course all this, as like Ketuanan Melayu and UMNO’s championing of Islam, are all work-in-progress. You have to give Najib and UMNO time to make things work. Just as the Malays have given UMNO over 50 years to make Ketuanan Melayu work. Just as UMNO is still unable to make Islam free form the threats of Christians who seem to be hell bound (in the eyes of UMNO) to convert as many Muslims as it possibly can into being Christians. So how much more time does UMNO needs this time around?

Oh…. they say at least another term in government and they will show us what they can do!

For those of you tempted to give them that five more years…THINK!

How this man could become Prime Minister of my country has always been a mystery to me.

How shallow if this Najib Razak?

He covert another man’s wife – that he and she are already married to others presents no obstacle to him. Pay for her if need be. There seems to be no thought of decency or maybe respect for the sanctity of marriage!

From politics to marriage, from religion to government
Najib’s thinking is really breath taking in its simplicity. A simplicity that some could be forgiven for mistaking it to be the act of a leader with vision, clarity and a sense of purpose in his decision making because Najib goes straight to the core of the problem…so it seems.

You want Perak back in Barisan Nasional’s fold. Najibs way is breath taking simple.

·      Buy the Pakatan Nasional politicians over to Barisan 
·      Get the Sultan on board by continuing to turn a blind
       eye to Azlan’s audacity in putting his son as his heir
       when the Perak succession tradition dictates
·      Get the Malaysian Judiciary to ‘understand’ your
       thinking on this matter!

Deed done and you have Perak back in Barisan Nasional’s fold but at what costs to the integrity of the electoral process and the independence of the Judiciary? Just because Anwar tried to do the same thing on that September 16th does not make it right!  Forget the Sultan  - they will allow themselves to be used on a need basis when their vested interest are taken care of! But this is classic Najib.

His time in Politics so far has been remarkable for the following:

·   The antics of his wife. And Najib’s way of handling 
    Rosmah is ‘make don’t know lah!’

·   His lucrative tenure as Minister of Defense  - his rationale is it is there for the taking so why not help yourself, your family, friends, cronies and supporters!

·   Altantuya – again his stone walling is classic Najib.

·   Saiful and sodomy Two – like his inability to stay above the fray with his SMS to Razak Baginda during the Alatantuya’s murder trail, so too was Najib unable to prevent himself from meeting with Saiful on the Sodomy Two trial.

·   A dazzling array of transformations programs designed to put into place good governance and increase civil liberties and basic freedom for the people….all glitz and glitter with no real benefit to anybody – quite like a fireworks display which leaves a ‘feel good’ buzz for those who sees it but brings financial benefits only to the manufacturer and the display operator of the event!  

And now he is Prime Minister! He and Rosmah thinks that Najib will still be Prime Minister tomorrow, the day after and the day after and the day after! It would seem to them that their days in Camelot would never end! And UMNO too thinks that its day in Camelot will never end because in Camelot there is a lot for the lot of them! How far from reality are they?

Najib and UMNO thrives on gutter politics and money! And I say this with the revulsion I would normally reserve for those who would kill a kitten or puppy for sport! The same revulsion I hold for those who rape and murder a child for their sexual gratification. And yet these people govern our country!

Ignorance I can understand but sheer stupidity is a gift from nature for those of you that deserves it! And Najib and UMNO deserve this gift from nature. And so once again I say…2012 will see the public downfall of Najib and then followed by UMNO –in that order…I kid you not! 


  1. The way they elect the PM for this country is so WRONG. ! Who says he is the PM for Malaysia? I sure did not vote for him. Only the few thousands in UMNO elected the President who autotomatically becomes the PM. What a joke. Najib will not be assured of PM even if PR were to lose due to cheating and dirty means. BN can never win on equal terms and fair election. His deputy can't wait to claim his no. 1 post. But I am hoping for a miracle really. I am so sick of the dirt left by BN. ABU Please let it happen.

  2. I hope, nay I pray you are right. God knows, we have suffered enough. Let Umno think they are invincible. But comes the day justice will prevail and the rakyat will take sweet revenge. As the saying goes, every dog will have his day.

  3. well this is 2012 n u cant fool all the people all the time> 2012 is not 1982- the con game is over n voters are smarter, the economy plays an important factor too in ge 13