Monday 16 January 2012

cakap cakap...Penang and Guan Eng.

Penang Chief Minister and State Exco members declare their assets and it is par for the course for Penang. It is almost a non news event! Why? Because this is what we have been conditioned to expect from this Pakatan Rakyat State government! Fifty years in government and I am still waiting for one Barisan Nasional Prime Minister…nay one Cabinet Minister …to declare their asset. You would have a better chance of seeing Mahathir on the Golf Course hitting a hole in one!  

Syabas Penang, syabas Lim Guan Eng.....and I can see Kit Siang with a smile so wide in the background...telling anyone who would listen...that is my son up there! We know Kit...we know and we are as proud of him as you are!

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