This is something every non-Chinese does not understand. The article is 110% correct!! However, looking at Chinese civilisation, the Chinese people have gone through cycles of natural disasters, famine, disease, war wiping out thousands if not millions. Malaysians have not tasted a Manchurian invasion & chemical genocide by Japanese, a Nanjing massacare, a cruel Imperial throne, a cultural purging between leftist & rightist..

The common greeting is "have you eaten"? Because Chinese have gone to bed for centuries without a full stomach.

Therefore, a roof is more important than a window. However, globalization is changing everything quickly. Its no longer politically correct to ask about one's meals in today's abundance.

Some bloggers have recently declared that Chinese are still the "rice bowl" race, afraid to be seen at Bersih, 901 etc. Some state because Deng Xiao Peng says "catch the rat" by whatever means - "to be rich is glorious." Isn't this a human malady or is it just inherent in Chinese? Malays & Indians don't want to be rich, maybe a better life?

But our rebuttal to these bloggers, look at the "Wukan" incident in China. The human race is on the verge societal collapse because of unbridled greed (Wall Street, sub-prime cons, corruption)

So, if we have a roof over our heads (however flimsy it may be but still a shelter), now we need to make a window. So, this article is not only good but its BLOODLY GOOD!! Let's all think of making windows instead of digging our basements to bury ourselves irrespectively of race!