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Dear Anonymous
Thanks for your nomination. I am honoured. But allow me to address your post:

1. I wish more people would give a name to their voice. In this thread, of the 20 comments, only 2 have names. And guess what? both muslims. I wonder what has happened to my indian and chinese brothers. (to know why, pls read the blogsite article on The Chinese: Dont have windows in their houses)

2. The mentality that contributes to the stealing of our national underwear. This finger pointing to one community needs to stop. The thieves are Malays, Chinese and Indians. And i blame Mahathir, Ling liong sik and Samy Vellu equally. But there was an accomplice to all this. The rakyaat. And that means you and me, bro. Because we kept quiet. There is a price that needs to be paid if we act deaf, dumb and blind. This mentality is fuelled by fear. (see, people here all become anonymous!!)

3. Last Thursday, a chinese friend of mine said this: "the chinese will sell their grandma if there is a profit." A bit crude but what it means is this; if it is a choice between rice-bowl and a friend the chinese will choose their rice bowl first. Now if the mamak also wants to be like the chinese and sell his grandma, don't look down on him, yah 

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