Thursday 19 January 2012

cakap cakap...azam64 on Proton

Before the setting up of Proton there were dissenting voices. Dr M was not a person to listen to others, after all he was v clever, the most clever. Lesser people could not follow his brilliant ideas.

An outcome as we see now was predicted. When we set up a new car, we are a competitor, so do not expect cooperation and transfer of technology to be easy. If we just open our doors to the world manufacturers, they would have come to Malaysia not Thailand. We had many natural advantages, Malaysia is the largest automobile market in SEAsia, higher std of English, more educated work force. Opportunities
to learn will open up. Numerous spin off benefits - to component parts manufacturers, even other industries like plastic, glass, composite materials, steel producers.

Thailand became the Detroit of SEAsia not Malaysia, inspite of the billions spent by Malaysia. When we say that we now produce our own car, the car price should be cheaper than previously. Alas, as had been shown it rose by several hundred %. The worse part is, this has to be borne by the ordinary mat, minah, ah kong, miniachi. Economics is such that when a big item like car prices rise, other segments too
will rise. We end up poorer, even if monthly pay is raised.

Should I put a disclaimer? No,members are free to forward, at least those who do not agree will be aware and explain where I am wrong.

azam 64A

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