Thursday 5 January 2012

Human Trafficking and UMNO.

I saw this on Dian's blog and felt so sick in my stomach that human beings can do such things to another human being.

This is what human do to other human beings? I watch transfixed at the cruelty of these men against defenceless girls…girls no older then our daughters…our children! Does money makes these men into animals? What would I give to have any of these men caged and beaten up as they beat up these girls! These men are brave when the odds are overwhelming on their side! They are brave when no one can hit them back. It is at times like this that you ask where is GOD? And do not tell me that GOD is all seeing and all knowing….because if he is then he would not have had this happened to those girls.

And in Malaysia we know that this Barisan NAsional government condones Human Trafficking because their running dog, PDRM, derives a lucrative income by turning a blind eye to its activities all over this Islamic country of ours. And we know that that Din guy in the Rumah Ministry also turns a blind eye to the doings of his Ministry that colludes with the human traffickers to bring these girls into our Islamic country legally and illegally.    

These UMNO politicians are Muslims and they are zealous in holding the principles of Islam. They are at the mosques every friday looking pious in their Baju Melayu and songkok. And yet they are the most corrupt of human beings amongst us! So I do not expect them to do anything about human trafficking in our country - they are not the solution, they are part of the problem!   


  1. Menteri rumah dan pulis tak tahu perkara begini berlaku di Malaysia. Mereka cuma tahu perkara sebegini berlaku dinegara ketiga saja.

  2. Can you forward this to the Indon or Cambodian Embassy cos the ladies looks like they are from these 2 countries. Now we know the reason why maids from cambodia and Indon are banned!

    This is really disgusting! All the so called expose by NST on corruption at the border are just a red herring to distract us from the bigger issue. ABU!

  3. THESE ARE NOT INDONESIAN.... SOUND MORE LIKE MYANMAR AND CERTAINLY LOOKS THAT WAY...I see alot of these poor soul working in restaurent


  5. Woi Sein, up yours too. Hang dok diam je lah kat Aussie land tu.Kalu hang anak jantan balik dan bertanding disini.Jangan cakap banyak eh, If not shove that thing down your throat and buzz off mate

  6. You and me are born Malay and Muslim sein but we just have to accept the fact that that we are the most hypocrite race in the world.....We pray five times a day,we fast during Ramadan,we go for haj provided you manage to corrupt your way with tabung haji to jump the que,we use asalamualaikum to greet our fellow Muslim in the hope that the words will make us all more Islamic,we frequent the mosque and madrasah for bigger rewards because you only got peanuts if you pray alone at home....but at the same time we adopt corruption like duck to water as if corruption is the if there is no sin with the rate we are going now I say about 90 percent of Malaysian are corrupt,so if we are not heading to the drain,where else are we heading to?

  7. Apparently, it is OK to enslave kafir.

  8. Dear Sir, why those who are not happy with what you wrote seem to response in the most uncouth manner?
    The Chinese will say no "family education" when one is rude in public area. Most probably his parents didn't teach him / her manners.
    How can he scold an elderly man like this? What if his father was scold this way?

    Really kurang ajar Anon 10:58!!!

    By the way, is there a link to the video as the one in your blog had been removed.

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