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Anwar is not out of the woods yet. It is easy to read UMNO/BN's tactic to use this acquittal to say that the judiciary is independent in order to justify some other charges, whatever they may be.

The stakes are too high for UMNO/BN regime, Mahathir included. They know if Anwar ascends to the chief executive office, all those on the same ship are finished. So Anwar must be stopped at all cost.

But whatever new charges the regime come up with against Anwar, the court of public opinion is already sealed, they are all trumped-up. One up to Anwar/PR.

We all know that the fight is beyond Anwar. However, it is naive to think that the sailing will be smoother for PR if somebody else helms the coalition. Whether its LKS, LGE, Hadi, Mat Sabu, Zaid?, TR?, Azmin or "baggage free" Nurul, they could not run away from the wrath of UMNO/BN. Knowing how they operate, the dying regime will come up with whatever trumped-up accusations against any of these PR leaders. I doubt any of them could stand up like Anwar does.

Anwar has become the icon of fight against injustice and the corrupt regime as well as the unifying factor among PR parties. Let UMNO/BN focus on Anwar and other PR leaders focus on the battles on the ground. Anwar may fall along the way but so be it. The fight is beyond Anwar anyway. However, the fight has to be along with Anwar's fight.

The leaders of PR parties are all seasoned players. I want to believe that they know that what they are doing are the right things for our cause.. the rakyat's cause.

As for us, its ABU!