Tuesday 3 January 2012


Now who amongst us shall be the brave one and take upon himself the responsibility of leading us all under ABU? 
But the greatest amongst us that will lead us must also be our servant for does he or she not do our bidding?

Anything that has happened pre 2012 was just the beginning of the end for UMNO. Now our fight begins in earnest. The first of the battles we will have to fight has already started on the first day of 2012 and already many of you are running around like a chicken without its head! 

Sometimes in my moments of clarity I will move away from anything that would distract my solitude and silence. I would then sit alone and project my thoughts to what is important in my life. My wife, my children and their family! Always my wife, my children and their family. And I know in as long as I have them with me, in thoughts if not in physical reality, then I am good.

Do you all do this too? Or am I alone in my madness? It must be madness to you all if I put my love ones before Pakatan Rakyat. Before the Sodomy Two verdict?  Before the evil that is UMNO and Barisan Nasional?

You know friends it is so easy to do what I do. Try it. Walk away from the madness that is happening in the body politics of UMNO, Barisan Nasional and within Pakatan Rakyat – not forever but just for enough time for you to think outside the box.

What is really important for us all? Our country must be good so that we are good and the future for our children will also be good. All else is sandiwara. Our country is not good now because of what UMNO has done in over five decades of rule that has focused only, and I repeat only, on the perpetuating of their rule through any means possible. The abuse of Ketuanan Melayu for their own gain. Their divide and rule of all of us by using race and religion. And their total devotion to the God of materialism. Nothing else matters to UMNO but that UMNO will stay in power. If you can do this then you will know that for change to happen we need to do one thing and one thing first!


When that need becomes crystal clear in your mind then you will know what we have to do. 

That is how I write. Nothing, not the interest of Pakatan Rakyat, not the interest of the Malays or the non Malays, not the interest of any religion nor of material gain ….nothing is more important than making ABU a reality.

I hope that you all – especially those in the middle of this vortex they call the body politics  of Pakatan Rakyat and its various off shots and islands – will have that clarity of purpose and vision that I have written about before – that clarity of purpose and vision to think of nothing else but ABU. And what you do, what you say and what you intend to do must be to make ABU a reality!

You are one. With me we are two. Who else will join us?    


  1. No its not madness Sein, and you are not alone in putting priority on loved ones i.e. wife, children and family before anything else. But as long as that anything else is not to the extent of committing wrongdoings like that Mamakutty using rakyat's money to bail out his son.

    And don't worry about many of us being scared to be on the street to show our protest against the corrupted regime. We don't show outrightly because we don't want our periuk nasi to be affected and cause sufferings to our loved ones. But we definitely know what to do come GE13, the one vote that we have, which is what matters at the end of the day.

    Pok Li

  2. Another Malaysian royal blood turns traitor.