Friday 27 January 2012

Who are the Malays?

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First photo - yup, he's a malay with a jewish nose because he said so and he's an UMNO muslim as well.

Second photo - yup, he's also a malay because he's an UMNO muslim with a darker complexion.

Third photo - yessirree, definitely a malay because he's an UMNO muslim written all over him.

Fourth photo - holy cow, she's surely a pure malay bred as true as she says she's not involved in the NFC but most importantly, she's an UMNO muslim.

Fifth photo - sorry mate, this guy is definitely not a malay because he's not yet a muslim even though he's a great pal and lap dog to UMNO.

Sixth photo - oops, this guy is more malay than a real malay because he's more muslim than a real UMNO muslim.

In your case sir, it's difficult to say if you are a real malay because you are not in UMNO. However if you join UMNO with immediate effect, you will undoubtedly be a real malay since UMNO only fights for malay rights. 

Posted by Anonymous to steadyaku47 at Friday, January 27, 2012 7:22:00 PM GMT+10:30

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  1. Encik Hussein, hope you don’t mind this off topic comment but the information is important for the nation in view of the impending general election.

    There is a post at How votes are bought in Malaysia and how it can be made difficult

    Which explain everything. I hope the information posted there can be circulated as widely as possible. For those intending to become polling agents as well as trainers who may not be aware of such going on’s please read the post or forward it to them.

    Thank you very much and hoping for a brighter future for Malaysia.