Wednesday 11 January 2012


Muhyiddin: BN not under pressure


  1. The future is bright for some. Saiful for one has 6 million reasons to be happy. His future is rosy,lah?

  2. HH,

    I believe the Mooheedin when he said the BN is not under any pressure following Anwar's unexpected acquittal. I suspect that the acquittal is ploy by UMNO-BN to "show" the Malaysian public and international community that the judiciary is independent. Najib is now basking in glory from the accolades of the Aussie government praising him for his "reforms". Now consider this: If the UMNO led government comes out with another fabricated charge against Anwar, it will be so much easier for the court to find Anwar guilty of the fabricated charge and absolving the UMNO led government of any involvement in the judiciary's guilty decision. Sounds too simple right but then again UMNO has proven time and time again that they are short on intelligence.

  3. YAB Anwar must watch his back. He should be careful as to the people he associates with. Do not be like Tiger Woods who destroyed his brand name through the birds he associated with. People are known by the company they keep.

    WE must be careful with the people we associate with.

    WE must choose only the best and incorporate their best values in our own self.

    WE must make decisions we must not only be wise but must be perceived to be wise.

    WE must understand that politics is as much about image as substance.

    WE must also have a handful of close friends who will tell it as it is without fear of arrest or demanding a thier pound of flesh.

    WE must treat the future of the nation as a stream that can be shaped to any thing that we want it to be. Do not wait until it becomes a full grown adult anrd use the state security apparatus to control the full grown adult.

  4. Woi shut up la you old mate......

  5. Woi shut up la you old mate......

  6. Never call a person old because you will be too one day.And if you are unlucky you will never see old age.

  7. The about turn of judiciary should not be interpreted as justice having prevailed.If anything the whole episode suggests of back door negotiations.
    So here is a poser, whom did AI negotiate with to gain his acquittal? And at what price?
    But did anyone catch AA's facial expression?
    Where does he stand now in the PR hierarchy since AI is
    purportedly back in the running for PM?

    Keris wielding Putra has been too quiet. More mischief is afoot and the opposition needs to get back to work to cover more ground amongst the grassroots....pronto!

  8. Not only DSAI, infact all Pakatan Rakyat's leaders must be careful and alert at all time because we are dealing with uncouth scoundrels of the lowest order from BN. These scum of society would sell their mothers just to retain power. They are capable of anything except doing good for the nation.

  9. cschyan,

    You have taken it a step further. I hope PKR is listening.