Monday 9 January 2012


can anybody confirm this?

Nurul Izzah Anwar
Judge: reading results immediately. Evidence not corroborated. Papa is acquitted! Takbir!


  1. Now UMNO/BN is condemned. Trumped up charges is no go for the people of Malaysia. The prosecutor/government has lost all forms of credibility via this sordid affair.

  2. I am so glad that I was wrong about anwar going in!

  3. Sein, you are not alone about thinking that Anwar was goin in. The judgement, for whatever reason is indeed a surprise to many of us. My reading is UMNO/BN just could not take the mounting pressure from the people. Nevertheless I still give some benefit of the doubt to the Judge that he actually used his wisdom without being influenced by the Executive in his judgement.

  4. I am just as surprise. Wonder if they will spring a surprise ? Is this an election trick? Just like Badawi di the last time and after election they have sodomy II.So we must not give them the chance for a sodomy III. Grab the opportunity and do the right thing come GE13. ABU , ABU.

  5. Bro, we share your joy about Sdr Anwar's vindication!

  6. I was rather surprised that Anwar got acquitted although the evidence presented was telling us that this was more of a trump up charges than anything else.

    Wonder whether the outstanding judge will be cold-storage now?

  7. Most of us were surprised by the verdict, never mind it sure was a pleasant one and he is free!

    Biggest casualty of the day must be RPK who is now left standing all alone high and dry, lost all integrity, credibility and respect.

  8. Sir,

    I wish TDM and his gang be given long lives. This is because they need to answer their numerous deeds in this world before they pass into the other side.

    Their day in court can only happen if PR forms the government. This is not about being vindictive, it is about being responsible for your actions and for our children to see that you can run but cannot hide.

    DSAI is free and the new dawn seems closer to reality; a 2-party system. Mamak & company is perspiring profusely.

    Sir, please grant me this wish.