Wednesday 11 January 2012

And now on towards the 13th General Election! ABU

Not just a pretty face….

In her lies our future. Anwar and Azizah has been blessed. Sometimes nature is not kind and the good genes from the parents that should be passed down to their own children skipped a generation or two. We need to look no further then Najib, Hishamuddin and Mukriz….all children of Prime Ministers and yet no one would quibble with me if I say that in these three their father’s genes skipped a generation – though in Mahathir’s case who would want to be passed on the genes of a Machiavellian! Them are the way the cookies crumble! Just because your child got distinctions in their exams does not make you a genius – and as we now know, having a Prime Minister as your father does not make you a Nurrul Izzah!

Pakatan Rakyat are also truly blessed with Guan Eng and Gobind Singh Deo. The got the best part of their parents genes. I guess those whom the Gods are angry with are not similarly blessed. And yet these guys in UMNO are always going on about what they have done for Islam in Malaysia. These must be some failure to communicate this information to those whose job it is to take note of all these things that UMNO does in the name of Islam and the Malays. Or are they fools to think that the malikat (angels) will close one eye and shut the other to their thieving, plundering and pillaging of our country? A thief is still a thief even in Mecca!

Our beloved country is now crumbling from within… beginning to fall apart from the excesses, larceny and nepotism of those in power. Citizens are being told that they are no longer citizens and yet are instructed to behave and be loyal to a nation that has already told them to leave if they wanted to. The Malays themselves are a race divided as UMNO divide and rule to gain votes. 

It is a wonder that each race have not started to look within itself for its own salvation. That each race still believes that our salvation would be for all of us to live as one people.

It is a wonder that religious radicals has not seek to replace that shared national awareness amongst all the races with their own brand of religious isolation, fervor and extremism that people are drawn to as they begin to feel more prosecuted by forces beyond their control….in Malaysia’s case by its own government!

But our people have already long ago started to ask themselves if they will allow this Barisan Nasional government to govern them anymore.

So why, when we have already started on this journey of self awareness are so many of us confused and full of questions as to where are we going? How are we going to get there? Who are with us? And who will lead us?

I do not have the answers but let us look at a few of those issues that divide us in the opposition – us that wants ABU.

The first divisive issue we need to address is Anwar Ibrahim. My stand on Anwar is simply this. If Anwar aspires to be Prime Minister of Malaysia then he must understand that in the times that we live in, nothing he does is just his business. Where he goes, what he does and how he lives his life has been and will continue to be scrutinized and examined in minute detail. If he is not careful even his private conversation will be uploaded on to the net. And of course it goes without saying that his sexual preferences is no longer just his business but also ours. So please do not allow yourself to be put in situations which can be exploited by UMNO. Behave yourself. That is the price you pay when you aspire to be the Prime Minister of a country with Islam as its official religion. Do that and maybe we that want Pakatan Rakyat in government will take you as King and not insists that you only be a Kingmaker!  

We are now going into the final furlong – to use a term I was familiar with when I was using my time in more recreational but totally unprofitable pursuits when I was in London. In the time of Lester Piggot to those with more then a knowing nod to what I allude to! But I digress.

It is time that Pakatan Rakyat focus on telling us what they intend to do with the real issues that concerns us all.

Good governance, the rule of law, an independent Judiciary, corruption, rising prices, unemployment, wastage of public funds and fairness to all Rakyat.

Pakatan Rakyat must now tell us how they will take care of the poor, the underprivileged, the sick and the aged. How will the racial minorities in our society be taken care of and their rights respected? These are the hallmark of a caring society – it should be the duty of a caring government to make this a priority – and we want our government to be a caring and benevolent government.

Utilities – water, electricity, management of waste products – all those things that makes you comfortable, help you cook and bathe and keep us entertained and in touch with families and friends -  they are getting more expensive not only for the Rakyat to use but also to provide for. Pakatan Rakyat must look at those IPP’s, water and sewerage contracts and projects and ensure that the supply of these utilities is not an opportunity for friends and cronies to make money at the expense of the Rakyat!

 Last week with the Sodomy Two verdict about to be delivered was traumatic and sapped Pakatan Rakyat’s energy to focus on matters relevant to the coming general election. But all is well and ends well.

What we still have is anger. A fire still rages within us because every day the Rakyat is confronted with issues that insults their intelligence and make them question what else this UMNO led Barisan Nasional government will come up with next in their increasingly desperate attempts to hold on to power. But anger is good! Anger is energizing! Rage is even better! We need to use this anger and rage towards making ABU a reality. ABU unites us all.

You are one with me we are two. I am confident that ABU will bring us all together united against UMNO and Barisan Nasional. We all want ABU!       


  1. What interests me is the umno tidal wave that has knowingly held itself back to watch and take notes as the anwaristas rejoice over the acquittal. AI's nightmare is unfortunately not over as bumno will now make sure the next charge sticks.
    The bumno assault started on 901 on a number of blogs and news portals. They have declared war and we have to be aware that alternative sites will mushroom to mirror and confuse Readers and commenters.
    Remember that ABU is by the rakyat and for the rakyat.

  2. What you said make sense. what one does in their private life is their business and it should be between them and their maker. What we need now is someone who can get us out of this mess. After 54 years we are ready to give PR a go.What can be worst than Umno which we had put up for so long.? I am hoping in time to come the new breed of good , honest in the likes of Nurul and Guan Eng will take over.Then and only then Malaysia will have a better tomorrow. Right now I am screaming ABU until the GE13

  3. DSAI should realised that he WAS the glue that held PR together; that he WAS the catlyst for change; that the Rakyat who supported PR in GE12 rallied behind PR because we were fed up with BN. As in any chemical reaction, the catalyst fades away after the job is done so DSAI should not cling on to the believe that he should be PM if PR wins GE13. Yes, we are all for ABU, but i dread of the day when AA takes over because he has his own baggage. PR has great leaders in the form of Tok Guru, Hadi, LKS, Karpal Singh and these leaders must start to groom the next generation to be prepared to take over.I do not know how many of the younger generation aspire to be PM or Ministers but looking at the line up, I shudder if some of them becomes Ministers.Nurul has the potential to be the first lady PM and should be groomed to take up this role. For now, its ABU and if PR takes over Putrajaya, we the Rakyat will give them a chance. If they fail, then the rallying call for GE14 will be ABPR!

  4. "In her lies our future."

    With Jibby or Muhi or for that matter any BN luminary you'd care to name, lies a future full of lies.

    May this lady go far and return honesty and humility to this country.

  5. RPK says it was MahaThief who originated the idea of ABU. Actually, some of you may remember this acronym being painted on walls as a slogan at the time of the last GE.

    All sincere worshippers of MahaThief should stick to ABU, unless their hero has proven convincingly that this front of crocodiles has reformed itself substantially. And his son getting a big post does not count as reform.

  6. when i was a little school boy i just love n cannot wait to wave the malaysian flag when Allahyarhum Tunku Abdul Rahman comes visiting he is just the real malaysian. We never need 1 Malaysia because there were never 2 or 3 Malaysia in the first place. Oh how we love n respect the YB than. fast forward today looking at their values and and words utter today this so call leaders just want to me puke. Talk about DNA gone wrong of course how can just change religion suddenly blood and race also can change better than David copperfield anytime.
    Anyway luckily now got steadyaku47, and my passion as a school boy now slowly has come back and just by reading your words make me want to kiss your hand like i once have this passion to kiss the late Tunku hand. look like not all the end there are still Good Men in Bolehland and Hope that all Good men do not DO NOTHING like back in Hitler's days.

  7. It is the father and daughter combination of Anwar and Nurul that will fulfill the dream of those who yearn for Pakatan to replace BN. It is no longer a fight between two political groupings but it is all about good versus evil.

    Between the two there are enough passion and charisma in them that we can put our beliefs and trust that they will lead us to Putra Jaya. For the moment we dont have to look beyond Anwar and Nurul. Like us, the other leaders in Pakatan who no doubt have respective roles to play of no less importance, are also looking at these two to be the mainstays of the campaign that will attract the votes.
    It is all about getting the votes now. Rest is background music.

    Your stand on DSAI is well said Pak HH. It is clear and I agree wholeheartedly. The stake is so great now that DSAI owes it to the stakeholders especially his family that he should not allow himself to be an easy and open target for his enemies for which he has aplenty.

  8. Bumno has defined the First Lady as the wife of the Prime Minister and set the precedent. Does that mean that Nurul becomes the First Lady when her husband becomes the Prime Minister. How can she be the First Lady if she is the Prime Minister?

  9. After TAR this beloved country has been ruled and taken over by foreigners.
    Umno-Bugis = Tun Razak
    Umno-Turkish = Hussein Onn
    Umno-Indian = Mahatahi
    Umno-Cina = Pak Lah
    Umno-Bugis = Najis Razak.
    If AI becomes PM then he will be only the 2nd Malay PM of Malaysia.
    So come on Bangsa Betul Melayu.....come claim your land !!

  10. Pak Hussein,

    In Dr M's case, all the good genes were passed to Marina

  11. It's time to rise Malaysians for the 13th GE with the release of Anwar! Bangkit Anwar! Bangkit PKR!

  12. DSAI is a sex pervert and can never be a PM.

    His daughter has done ZERO in her life aprat from shoot out 2 little pariahs.

    price are made to rise on purpose by that jew half breed in BN


    VOTE SPOIL !!!

    Mr PMa