Monday 30 January 2012

Berahim Beruk does his thing again! Score? Berahim satu. Cina kosong!

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Stupid & Idiot Perkasa treated our Chinese New Year, a funeral ceremony by giving "White-Envelope" !!!!! Dun tell me they are not aware of our Chinese culture ??!! why not using "Green-Envelope" ??!! it purposed to insult us, the Chinese !!!!!! what the "Honkan / chow-gao" MCA/Gerakan going to cover their "Stupid Brothers" then ???!!!!

Some 300 senior citizens and residents received a boon at Perkasa's first Chinese New Year open house today as close to RM10,000 was handed out.

Leaders of the right wing Malay pressure group handed out the season’s angpows in uncharacteristic white envelopes, even if in Chinese tradition white packets are reserved for funerals.

And when the envelopes ran out, they directly dished out the cash.

A slight commotion broke out amongst the attendees as they rushed for the handouts.

Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali in official uniform and deputy chief Abdul Rahman Abu Bakar in traditional red Chinse attire with the Chinese character ‘dragon’ in gold emblazoned across it were seen going from table to table dishing out the RM10 white angpows.

Asked about the taboo envelopes, Ibrahim urged the attendees not to misunderstand.

"Don't think like that, it's just white envelopes, we didn't mean anything (bad)," he said.

Addressing the mostly Chinese crowd, Ibrahim declared that the event it hosted at Kampung Baru today was evidence that Perkasa is not a racist organisation.

"All this while accusations have been levelled at us, but today proves that Perkasa is not racist, we fight for unity," he said, chanting "1Malaysia" three times.


  1. That was deliberate, an insult! That Berahim Beruk just wanted to see how greedy those Chinese people present at his 'do' were! Shame shame on those greedy bastards!

  2. These Chinese who attended this racist kataks' CNY party were like blacks attending a klu klux klan Christmas party. Don't these people have some dignity after all those racist Rantings from perkasa ESP towards the Chinese and Christians . Further insult them with with taboo envelopes. Any person with self respect would have thrown the envelopes at the katak's face and left. What could have driven these Chinese to attend a party by a man who asked them to stay at home and stock up on food during the BERSIH . Just like some Chinese supporting another leader who threatened to bathe his Keri's with Chinese blood. Can't understand some people . Is pride a rare commodity nowadays - a case of the end justifying the means?

  3. Where got 'pride and dignity' for those Chinese who made a bee-line for the taboo 'pak-kam'(cash in white envelopes that signifies funeral expenses)? Those greedy pigs are prepared to even sell off their loved ones for a tuppence!

    That Beruk must be having the last laugh.

  4. It's an insult to the Chinese community. It's deliberately done. What is ang-pow? It should be red. Thered colour is significant to Chinese culture celebrating CNY.

  5. Those chinese who attended the do deserved to be called by whatever names used by the katak. they have no principles, all becoz of 10rm! These chinese deserve to be humiliated, I am ashamed to be assoc. with them. We'd rather be poor than lose our dignity.

  6. Those chinese who attended the do deserved to be called by whatever names used by the katak. they have no principles, all becoz of 10rm! These chinese deserve to be humiliated, I am ashamed to be assoc. with them. We'd rather be poor than lose our dignity.

  7. Katak is not stupid. This was deliberate.

    Insulting as it may seem one has to be mindful that this is a RUSE!

    As soon as this was aired, most commentors on news portals and FB have gone ballistic! Cyber troopers are commenting alongside innocent commenters to show their "indignance" over the white packets. This is called fanning the flames.

    The public needs to stay calm and know what to do at the GE.

  8. Berahim Taliban got what he wanted, had his 'kodak-moment' ridiculing the Chinese with 'pek-kim/pak-kam' during CNY and laughing his ass off!

    For all we know those 'attendees' could be rounded-up homeless and innocent poor unaware of what was to happen except it was to be an "Open-House" with generous food for free, why not?

    But for those Chinese who were aware of what they were into, there was no excuse for not standing up to that bastard by throwing those white envelopes at his face and walk away. Shame on you!

  9. Ibrahim Ali, please give the white "angpows" to Chua Soi Lek and MCA Central Committee Members and to Gerakan as well.

    They may need it.

  10. That I brahim pig is just what he is...a PIG! The Chinese who bent so low as to accept the "White packets" deserved what they got.
    The MCA and Gerakan together with UMNO, for not having the guts to expose this despicable pig's intentions must be made irrelevant in the next GE. Got it?
    I believe the majority of the Rakyat Malaysia are peace loving and respectful of one another.
    God help us all.

  11. I hate to say this but the chinese who attended Perkasa's CNY do are a bunch of idiots. For free food and a mere angpow they are willing to be insulted. I say the fully deserved it!

    Bodoh punya cina

  12. Pls don insult the attendees. They are all patients from the mental institutes & hardcore poor from half-way houses who were ferried there by MCA the machai corrupt agents of big brother UMNO. No right-thinking Chinese will attend UMNO-Perkasa open house, Chinese not that desperate for a few ringgit handout. It's common for mental patients to rush whenever there's handouts, as late-comers are always left out in the mental wards. Pls have a bit of sympathy for the mentaly-challenged & poor. It is Ib the Katak who should be ashamed for exploiting the sick & destitute.

  13. the mca dogtor xxx took them there & he was by the side of dat @#$%son of ALIbaba, smiling & watching him giving out the whitepows !!