Thursday 19 January 2012

"RPK dah jadi 'orang kita? Camna ni?":

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Read most of the comments. These comments really reveals the character of most Malaysians. If some one critizes PKR, especially Anwar, he is regarded as being on the take. 
Well, it says alot about the typical Malaysian....they have a culture which accepts corruption as part of their normal life. This culture has contributed to the rampant corruption in all levels of Government hieriechy. Bribes to Police for traffic offences, bribes to obtain permits or licence. Most of these Malaysian bribe givers think that it is OK to give bribes as they are only chari makan. Even the ex-Chief Justice have admitted bribing the court's clerk. 

The UMNOPUTRA are involved in multi-millions, if not multi-billions, corrupted deals and most Malaysians have been left out of these deals. That is the main reason why most Malaysians cursed and blasted UMNOPUTRAs. Because they are being excluded from these huge corruption cases. I am certain, if given the opportunity, most of them will definitely want to get their filthy hands in the deals.

Most Malaysians are the most UNGRATEFUL lot. Just observe how most Malaysians behave in public. Most are not civic minded. Look at the way they drive, look at the way they double park or treble park or park illegally with total disregard for the safety of others. 
Most of them are just arrogant. 

Look at the thousands of complains against Malaysians who have treated their Indonesian or Cambodian maids as SLAVES with payment of a pittance 400 to 600 ringgit per month. These maids have complained that they have to work 16 hours a day for the full 7 days a week. They are not even allow to talk to their neighbours. All the appalling Malaysians. I bet these morons will not let their own daughters work as maid in Malaysia.

Raja Petra should just tell all you ungrateful lot of Malaysians to go and get stuffed. They totally deserved the corrupted UMNO Government. In case, you don't get the message, it is called KARMA to you lot of arrogant Malaysia

Posted by SICK & TIRED to steadyaku47 at Thursday, January 19, 2012 5:36:00 PM GMT+10:30


  1. Right on the dots bro.....I share the same sentiments...we Malaysian deserved the corrupt government we got right now.....corruption is our way of life.....perhaps we could promote that as our new slogan.

  2. This's just a matter of you getting sick & tired of people who are sick & tired of RPK!