Wednesday 18 January 2012

RPK dah jadi 'orang kita? Camna ni?

Now that the water is becalmed. Now that I no longer have to fight with others for space to have my say. Now that he himself seems to be having his sabbatical,I will now have my say about Petra or RPK to you. I know that my window of opportunity is limited as I think this is most likely the calm before another storm! Another storm?

Why…is he a glutton for punishment? Is all that 'let us  hantam RPK’ these last few weeks merely whetted his appetite for more S&M?

To all of you that tells all who will listen that Petra is now an ‘orang kita’ as far as UMNO and Barisan Nasional is concern, I would like to give you all an enthusiastic Bronx Cheer…a raspberry or just a simple Z-R-B-T-T!

There is not enough money anybody would be prepared to part with to buy this guy….me? Well we can talk…but Petra? I think …make that I know …he does not enough sense to talk ringgit and sens with anybody. This guy is too damm stubborn and too damm committed to himself to be able to commit himself fully to anyone else! So any idiot that thinks he can ‘kautim’with Petra is deluding himself.

Now what about making Petra understand that if we are on the same side, then we must go kill others and not each other? 

Now why don’t you back up a bit and ask yourself who is on whose side? 

At one point or another Petra, from what he writes, can be construed to be for Anwar, Mahathir, Najib….hell if I go through everything that he has written and will write, I swear that at one time or another Petra would have unequivocally stated that he is more well known then Najib and Anwar put together! Quite like when John Lennon stated (and correctly too) that the Beatles were more well known then Jesus. At least I am taller then him if he does want to go head to head with me in that department though as to who is better looking would depend on who is doing the deciding. Marina he wins. My wife I win!

What I am trying to say here is just this.

Loosen up and give this Petra guy his due. The only mistake I have made was being born. Petra is not me…so he is bound to make a mistake or two! Hell he might even make three mistakes….so what? 

Ask yourself what his intentions are! What does he gain by doing what he does. And when all the dust has settled go back again to what Petra wrote many months…maybe even years ago…and ask yourself if he was right or wrong. Then and only then can you go hang him or tell him again “You are right!”.

With hindsight Khir Toyo would not have bought that mansion in Shah Alam at such a considerable discount. With hindsight Nixon would not have taped himself while in office. And with hindsight Najib would have done things differently with Razak Baginda.

Well Petra is our ‘hindsight’. In the flush of our seemingly unstoppable march towards Putrajaya when all things seems to be in our favor, he tells us things we do not want to hear. When all our ‘senjata’ seems to be primed and ready for battle, he points out that our flanks are exposed and in need of defense. And when our leaders are raring to lead he tells us why they should not!

And all these intrusions are disquieting and bothersome but needed if we are to not stumble at the very moment of victory. Remember hindsight is what Petra is to us. With hindsight Mahathir would have chosen others to succeed him – but he did not know it then. With Petra we can at least know we will be the better for his hindsight….as annoying as it is for us now! 


  1. HH, I'm one of many guys out here who always read RPK's ranting between the lines. We have to use wisdom to see between the truth and false, between satire and reality, between warnings and threats, between love and hate. Some of RPK's writing are sometimes what malay proverb said "pukul anak sindir menantu". We need that wisdom and foresight to see and understand RPK's hindsight. We need courage to change and change we must for us to see brighter, happier, prosperous Malaysia - truly One Malaysian. Gong Xi Fatt Choy to all Malaysians and Chinese all over the world. Anyway we are all just from one race, the Human Race.

  2. HH, RPK has always written to provoke the Malaysian conscience and invoke intellectual argument. I cannot fathom why so many readers went off the deep end over his New Year interviews and articles ....unless readers had skimmed through the articles and headlines and fallen for the BN fuelled conclusion. He had his motives for using the MSM channel and the timing. I believe time will reveal his rationale for the tangents he took.
    Lesser numbers are commenting on MT because the log in/comment buttons are gone from the homepage (well, for MY based commentators anyway). So launch from MT into FB (but beware of BN's mischief makers and the many fake accounts).
    This is the eve of our political catalyst and I smell change in the air. ABU!

  3. of a kind,Malaysian are too hypocrite to understand him,maybe you bro hussein can be one of those who can accomodate him,I meant no holds barred kind of thing....for what it is worth,I'm of the believed that he will not sell himself to anyone...RPK is his own man.

  4. Even if he was not bought, he did undergo a change of heart, for reasons only he himself knows. Of course there are many things to criticise about the opposition but don't you think its weaknesses pale in comparison to the blatant abuse of power by the current govt. to unseat this gigantic power that has been there for decades requires a lot of effort from everyone concerned. So there's no place for negative thinking which people like RPK wish to stir up

  5. Let us say that he is on the side of what he things is right. No one can influence him. He is a good guy to me and he has his right to say what he thinks is right!

  6. He has a condition called Bi-polar..... and a Bias to try to protect the Sultanate Legacy regardless of the wrongs they do in a hope that a better Malaysia can still exist with those prejudice protocol and corruption and insult to Islam these Royalty conduct. This he calls defending the Malay Culture. But that Kelantan Sultan Stealing the Throne from Father is the end of my respect to this kind of Malay tradition....+ the Sultan Perak Sham... Time to Reset malay tradition and bring back respect like Penghulu.

  7. The battle is on and Petra is running down Pakatan and the man we are all banking on while praising Najib and BN. The BN-controlled MSM went home on it. How will the simple people in the rural areas view it now? What kind of hindsight will that be? No! For reasons best known to him, Petra harmed the movement to oust BN. If money was not a motivation, then he could be just an unstable man. Would you trust one in battle?

  8. However good a man used to be, he can change. Me, you, anyone. Even bad guys change into good guys.

    RPK didn't tell 'us'. He told what he said to the rural or poor who are already fed a stream of propaganda.

    Also, his articles for the past one year just oozles with anti-PKR and anti-Anwar propaganda, comparing PKR/Anwar to some utopia and finding them flawed in every single way.

    Attention-seeking and jealousy, combined with loneliness, can change many a man. Money is not necessary.

  9. It is reassuring to read the opinion of one so steeped in our political life that your take of the enigma that is RPK is that he has not 'kautim' by the UMNOputras!!
    But I'll still say I'll be much happier if he has trained his flak at the UMNOputras !!
    I think he can't take the criticsms on his MToday webpage - as of today it's still for all intents and purposes disabled!!

  10. RPK thought he could be the kingmaker but failed when Pakatan learnt the painful lesson not to trust him too much. Now he is nothing more than a royal whinger as DSAI marches on. A staunch disciple of TDM, RPK continues to hero worship the Mahamamak for his Machiavellian ways TDM put down each and every one of his successors.
    We thank RPK for his Dr Jekyll days but now that Putrajaya is in sight, we must ignore the Mr Hyde in him as the battle cry is now ABU!

  11. my sentiments exactly. If RPK was capable of being bought over, he would have done it a long time ago....

  12. Consider this: What happened after RPK tembak Anwar? Even RPK, seen one of shepherds of ABU, is not spared by waves of ABU diehard herds, caught the attention of UMNO, sort of a preview of what will happen if the court were to judge Anwar guilty one week later. This is just one of the birds that his Sun-Tzu stone intend to kill.

  13. This, is one of the most apologetic comments, for RPK, may I say, the most uninformed too.

    Why does everybody refuse to accept that RPK sold out, to Najib, UMNO and the BN. He isn't working for Najib, UMNO and the BN full time, he was paid for that particular 'hit', and it was in the millions, more that RPK alleged that lady, who is now the present Deputy Speaker of the Perak State Assembly received.

    RPK knew that easy money was available from people like Vincent Tan and the likes of him. And when Najib instructs Vinvent Tan to pay, he will, and RPK took advantage of the situation. Besides, with one stroke of the pen, and in one interview, he took revenge on Anwar too. Killing two birds on stone, so to speak.

    Let me put it this way, RPK could have said and written all he said and wrote, as he had many axes to grind with Anwar. But then he thought, "why don't I write and say what I want to, and get paid for it as well". Well, he of course had to say somethings that Najib, UMNO and the BN also wanted him to say, and so he did, and took things too far, and made it too obvious. He isn't as smart as everyone thinks he is.

    Go and ask the British Intelligence, who are watching his every move, who he mixes with, who his visitors' are, etc. etc. etc., and they will tell you how damn dumb he really is. He leaves too many loose ends, and several visible trails.

    And those of you that think the British Intelligence doesn't do that and RPK is too insignificant, and all that naive retort, think again.
    Do you all know who RPK mixes with in the UK? Do you all really know what he does? Do you all know that RPK can, in his desire to be the centre of attention, blurt out quite a bit? And do you know that there those around him, that encourage this attitude in him?
    Do you really know all these, really, really know I mean?

    And yet you all are full of support of RPK. Why, oh honestly I ask you, why?

    RPK has always looked after himself, and only himself, and no one else all these years'. And he likes to have a "captive audience" around him, all the time, and once he has no use of that "captive audience", he ignores them, and looks for another one.

    To RPK, it's not about money alone, though money is a sufficient motive, to RPK, it's about recognition and the "I know it all attitude".

    His family has approached the Sultan of Selangor to remove the banishment order, and the Sultan has, rightly I think, refused the request. He even made use of the Sultan, and he went on to insult the Sultan, when it didn't suit him.

    I offer no more. If this doesn't make you all wake up, nothing else will.

  14. You: This guy is too damm stubborn and too damm committed to himself to be able to commit himself fully to anyone else!

    Me: You trying to tell us that he is egocentric and seeking attentionkah? Not doing it for any one else? Why he talk just before the trial?

    You:Now what about making Petra understand that if we are on the same side, then we must go kill others and not each other?

    Me: Benar! So why he did that? You tak beri jawapan atau keterangan, hang!

    You: Ask yourself what his intentions are!

    Me: Mattias Chang: "After Raja Petra’s interview with TV3, just before the Sawarak State Election, he lost all credibility in the eyes of the voters who supported the opposition.DAP did rather well notwithstanding the interview. He then gave an elaborate explanation on how he was misquoted etc. He fell for the bait of having publicity on prime time television – an ego trip, and lost big time! His followers abandoned him.
    Now, he gives an interview timed just before the High Court’s judgment on Sodomy II fixed for the 9th January 2012. Why?
    So many questions, but so few answers! He claims that he wants clarity and focus on
    critical issues, but his actions muddy further the already polluted waters."
    Benar tak?
    You said: What does he gain by doing what he does

    Me: Why is he playing both sides? Hang, can tell us y tak?

    You: And when all the dust has settled go back again to what Petra wrote many months…maybe even years ago…and ask yourself if he was right or wrong.

    Me: Dulu, RPK di sini. Kini, keadaan dah kian berubah!

    You: With Petra we can at least know we will be the better for his hindsight….as annoying as it is for us now!

    Me: Hang, fokus on ABU. Baca comment supp, Bala, educationist dan anonymous.

  15. RPK is RPK, like him, hate him, write about him, curse him it is your choice, but remember if there is a political activist that thought you to be critical in your thinking. Hats off to RPK. Many Malaysian and political wannabees are so insecure when questioned. That is why ISA, OSA and other draconian laws protect these stooges. Empower yourself with knowledge and not blind faith on politicians unless you are a whore awaiting your pot of gold in the process.

  16. RPK had done some good to us in the past. He raised our political awareness. He was with us once and we were on the same wagon. At some point in time he parted ways. No matter what his intentions were, he had lost credibility after the 2 interviews. Once bitten, twice shy. Now twice bitten, all trusts will fly. We can now only bid him good bye and wish him luck, whatever he chooses to pursue. As for us, our wagon strives on, firm on target... ABU!

  17. Read most of the comments. These comments really reveals the character of most Malaysians. If some one critizes PKR, especially Anwar, he is regarded as being on the take.
    Well, it says alot about the typical Malaysian....they have a culture which accepts corruption as part of their normal life. This culture has contributed to the rampant corruption in all levels of Government hieriechy. Bribes to Police for traffic offences, bribes to obtain permits or licence. Most of these Malaysian bribe givers think that it is OK to give bribes as they are only chari makan. Even the ex-Chief Justice have admitted bribing the court's clerk.

    The UMNOPUTRA are involved in multi-millions, if not multi-billions, corrupted deals and most Malaysians have been left out of these deals. That is the main reason why most Malaysians cursed and blasted UMNOPUTRAs. Because they are being excluded from these huge corruption cases. I am certain, if given the opportunity, most of them will definitely want to get their filthy hands in the deals.
    Most Malaysians are the most UNGRATEFUL lot. Just observe how most Malaysians behave in public. Most are not civic minded. Look at the way they drive, look at the way they double park or treble park or park illegally with total disregard for the safety of others.
    Most of them are just arrogant.

    Look at the thousands of complains against Malaysians who have treated their Indonesian or Cambodian maids as SLAVES with payment of a pittance 400 to 600 ringgit per month. These maids have complained that they have to work 16 hours a day for the full 7 days a week. They are not even allow to talk to their neighbours. All the appalling Malaysians. I bet these morons will not let their own daughters work as maid in Malaysia.

    Raja Petra should just tell all you ungrateful lot of Malaysians to go and get stuffed. They totally deserved the corrupted UMNO Government. In case, you don't get the message, it is called KARMA to you lot of arrogant Malaysians.

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