Monday 23 January 2012

Dedicated Follower of Fashion.

From The Sydney Morning Herald:                                                                       

Dedicated follower of fashion and Mr Cool!

ROSMAH MANSOR likes to be introduced as the First Lady of Malaysia, but for Sydney fashion designer Carl Kapp, she is his first lady of shopping.
The wife of the Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak, is known across Malaysia simply as FLOM (First Lady of Malaysia), and is Kapp's biggest customer, having dropped an estimated $100,000 in his boutique ordering garments during a private holiday in Sydney a little more than a fortnight ago.
''She was absolutely gracious and very easy to deal with,'' Kapp told PS this week, agreeing she was nothing like the woman often portrayed in Malaysian media for her allegedly extravagant lifestyle.
In recent months, Mansor, who stayed with her husband in the $20,000-a-night penthouse at The Darling hotel, has been forced to deny reports she had bought a $US24 million diamond and a $US200,000-plus crocodile skin, bejewelled Hermes handbag. Kapp, who has a keen eye for such bags, having worked for Hermes, said he did not see any such handbag when he met her.
What her critics in Malaysia will make of her Sydney shopping spree, first reported on local fashion blog Frockwriter, is yet to be determined.
Kapp, who became suspicious of the identity of his mystery VIP customer when his Oxford Street store received a flurry of calls requesting valet parking for her limo, said he was being flown to Malaysia next month with a collection of ''toiles'' for Mansor to try on before completing her massive order of 61 dresses, pants and tops.
All made from the finest silk and in a variety of exotic colours and prints, Kapp said his new muse had ''a very good eye for colour and she likes a lot of prints''.

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P.M and Wife Rosmah in Sydney

It was reported in the Daily Sydney Morning Herald that Malaysian P.M, Najib and wife Rosmah spent a quiet holiday in Sydney. They stayed st the A$20,000 (RM$ 65,100) a night Penthouse (picture) at the new five star Darling Harbour hotel. The Daily news columnist called Rosmah, ' the first lady of Shopping' for spending A$100,000 (RM$325,000) at a Sydney Boutique.
According to the Sydney designer, Carl Kapp, he would be flown to Malaysia next month with a collection of 'toiles' for Rosmah to fit and to complete the order of 61 dresses , tops and pants.
Wonder who is paying for the stay at the hotel and the shopping. With Najib's salary as P.M I doubt he can afford to be so extravagant. Sadly, taxpayer's money will be used to pay for Rosmah's lavish taste.


  1. Prints??! Doesn't she know prints are most unforgiving on a bulky frame? What a fashion faux pas!

    Let this be another foreign newspaper cutting that is disseminated to the grassroots that an election is coming and somebody wants to look good for it at the expense of the rakya....repeatedly.

    ABU it is in the year of the dragon!

  2. "Easy to deal with"?? Of course la when she is spending the rakyat's money.

    Kurang ajar punya Rosmah.

  3. My mum used to say in Hokien, 'Pai miah ai khua miah; pai si ai chio kiah' which means 'those who have dreadful lives, like to see fortune tellers; those who are ugly like to look at the mirror'. Of course, RM (even her initial suggests Ringgit) has a good life, no doubt about it, and she used to be pretty before. But now she is at a stage when she has to fight gravity, middle-age spread and other ravages of nature, so vanity (as in always looking into the mirror) seems to be her main preoccupation.

    For such an important customer, if I were her designer, I am willing to say all kinds of nice things about her!

  4. Only Heads of State have official family photograps taken.

  5. Translate this post into Malay language and circulate it to Malay villages to let those uninformed Malays know what type of Government they have voted into.

    While many Malay kids go to school withot breakfast, our FLOM wear silks and satins.

  6. Bloody fool Ah Jib, just a week after he made that call for moderation and this is what he meant moderation is all about? Ah Jib better talk about moderation to his farking Ah Mah first before telling the whole world if he is serious about it. Now we see how true that Najib is only a slogan goon good for nothing and Rosmah is one spoilt monkey!

  7. wow- our leaders lived in mansions n fly first class. the voters lived in squatters huts, wow what a difference in lifestyle??

  8. Please also visit Pekan it is sad to see how people live in the villages in and around that Royal City.

  9. As long she is still the first lady, clearly she is digging the rakyat pocket.

    Im anxiously waiting for the next 13th GE then. We shall see whether she can still spend so lavishly.