Sunday 26 March 2017

Not another Oxford Fart!

 A word of advice for this kid....I don't really care what sort of decision he makes - whether he gives up politics or whether you goes to Oxford. 

You do these kind of thinking inside your head...not in public. Not in the public domain. 

By all means consult your elders and your peers but do so within four walls not loudly and in public. When you are sure of what you want to do....then maybe you can tell us....and as I have said earlier...I don't really care what you think or want to do. 

We already got one Oxfart politician in cabinet and we all have our opinion on that guy!  

Just one more word of advice from me kid....get an education first....politics can wait!

Cruz DC say: 
Yeah- the kid's got a lot of growing up to do ....
'I have not made any decisions. It is definitely not an easy decision.'

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