Sunday 26 March 2017

Malaysia Hari Ini


There is something fundamentally wrong in the manner our children are being brought up today.  These are the young children of the generation that came after me.....and most of these children are Malays. Malays who are Muslims. Where the fault lie is not for me to say but we have all seen enough of these instances on videos posted on youtube to know that it is a problem that must be faced and dealt with - both by the Ministry of Education and by parents....and of course the religious authorities whom have been tasked with overseeing how Muslims behave. 

I would think policing the behaviour of Muslim children in schools is just as important as going after unmarried Muslim couples fornicating in cheap hotels....though it must be said, not as much fun.

Let us hope that with the above video going viral, the authorities will find the culprits and make an example of them so that other children will be made to understand what they can and cannot do in school. 

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