Saturday 25 March 2017

Things To Do Today

Go find najib or rosmah, yell at them "The End is Near!" Back away slowly.

Go ask najib "Is the dedak you give to the ketua bahagians any good for chicken feed to?"

Go up to random people at any pasar malam, hold up a picture of najib and ask them "Is this MO1". 

When the money comes out from the ATM, hold it up high for every one to see, turn to the person behind you and smugly say,"I got my Brim!"

Bring a desk into an elevator, tell people that you are doing a survey and ask them " Do you support rosmah as prime minister?" 

(Only for Malays)
Go to a Chinese, any random Chinese and tell them "The mufti tells me I can do things on a Camel. Can you?" 

Walk into RSGC  with a badminton racket and ask the security guard where the badminton tournament is being played.

Dare a group of Chinese friends to go to PWTC and double dare them to ask the guard "Where is Dato' Lim Kit Siang's office?"

Life is for not get too caught up in the negativity that is around you. 
Go live life a little. Have a good weekend!

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