Sunday 26 March 2017

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Hi Guys. It's just past 3 pm in Melbourne. It has been a nice sunny day with a slight wind that sort of cools everything down before it gets too hot. Have been feeling physically rundown but mentally running on song. Posted five articles since this morning and this is my fifth. Four of those article were written by me....and the other one on1MDB was a cut and paste affair. 

How, some of you have asked me, do I write four articles in a matter of hours? With great difficulty guys...with great difficulty....but when I can, I will push myself to do so because "ilham" or "inspiration" to do so does not stay with me all the time. It comes and goes. When it comes - I harness what physical and mental energy I have within me, sit in front of my MAC and start hitting the keyboard!

Have just had a late lunch and had some time to reflect...and I have another 30 minutes before the start of the Australian Grand Prix ....hence this piece.

I want to thank those of you who have assisted me with donations and words of encouragement to carry on blogging. The money and those words of encouragement has resulted in 152 post so far this month...and still counting. Every dollar pushes me to blog and blog and blog. So keep sending me those dollars. There are more things I want to do to this blog, on this blog and for this blog.....and the money helps.

There seems to be a sense of desperation emitting from Seri Perdana. Even from way back, najib has always been looking over his shoulder fearing that dedak alone will not keep his enemies at bay. Now he also has to keep a look out for those approaching him from the front. He has already rid himself of Mahyuddin...but what of Zahid? 

Compared to Zahid, Mahyuddin is a pussycat! 

And who is watching najib's back for him? rosmah! When Zahid makes his move, the first inkling najib will have of his imminent dismissal will be rosmah making her way to the airport (with or without najib) leaving for parts unknown for exile. Just as Anwar used Zahid to signal his intent re Mahathir....Zahid already has his machai lined up to do that job on najib.   

The timing and the place is for Zahid to decide. The time will most probably be before the next general election. The place? That is for Zahid to know and for us, najib and rosmah, to find out  

What you guy want to say, but cannot say, I will say in this blog.

What you guys want to think aloud but cannot ...I will think aloud for you and post it on this blog. 

There is much work to be done menjelang the next general election. If you like what I write do share it on your blogs and FB page. .....just as I "pinjam" anything I think should be shared with you guys from others  and put it on this blog. .

Ok guys the grand prix will start in minutes....I am signing off now. 

Lawan mesti Lawan.


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