Wednesday 29 March 2017

cakap cakap...pagi Rabu

8.59 am. Wednesday : Went to sleep last night first at around 1 am. Was awaken at around 3 am by some messages coming through my whatsapp. From the messages coming through I posted two articles : MELAYU TAK PERLUKAN UMNO. HANYA UMNO YG PERLUKAN MELAYU  and WANITA UMNO DUN JERTIH : HARAP JAGA KERAHSIAAN MAKLUMAT DI GROUP INI  before I went to sleep again at 4 am. Awoke at 7.30 am - cut and paste another story on Norashikin Ahmad - Animal Lover. 

I called up the Clinic to make an appointment for my wife to see her Doctor : Dr Jeya : and was told that the doctor will be in at 2 pm - and they will call me back as soon as an appointment can be confirmed with Dr Jeya.

Now at 9.13 am I am between being awake and wanting to sleep some more....sips of hot black Dilmah Tea is keeping me awake. Just!

Already the on line community is stirring. A message came from a dear old friend Balwant Singh just minutes ago...we have been friends since our Kuala Lipis days in the early 1960' me he now lives in Melbourne.

Good morning, bro.Read about the fire at Fritzroy.Are you affected?Hope everything is okay.Do let me know about the situation.
Not affected bro... Have still to find out where in Fitzroy... Tqs for the concern.... As always you are up early!
Thank God you all are okay.Yes,I am always up at 6.30.It is a habit.Take care.

I checked my emails...a few, checked how many clicks on my blog : 23,796 since 11 am yesterday, surfed the NET for a bit and then went to check the fire in Fitzroy that Balwant was telling me about. It was in Napier Street - about 300 yards away from where I live. How come I was not awaken by the sound of the Fire Brigade siren? Looked again at the news report below and saw that the fire was at 5 am....I must have been flat out asleep then!

And so my day Nasi Lemak, no Yam Tau Foo or Roti Canai for breakfast....just a cup of Dilmah Tea and maybe a toast with cheese. 

One other thing....on Saturday I did say that I was going to have Nasi Dagang for Sunday breakfast as I found out that Little Ipoh - a Malaysian Restaurant in La Trobe Street - will have it for Sunday such luck...was informed by the staff there that they were not having Nasi Dagang in Sunday. A bit disappointed because their FB page stated otherwise.....such is life. 

Suspicious fire forces hundreds to evacuate Fitzroy tower, man critically injured

Updated 20 minutes ago
One man is in a critical condition with serious burns and four others have been treated by paramedics after a suspicious fire in housing commission flats at Fitzroy, in Melbourne's inner north.
The fire broke out in the Napier Street building about 5:00am and about 300 residents were evacuated. One of those injured was a firefighter. Authorities said a mattress was set on fire in a corridor on the sixth floor, causing thick smoke to spread throughout the building.The blaze was quickly brought under control.
"A man has serious burns to the face, arms and back as a result of the fire," Ambulance Victoria Commander Susie Dean said. "We've treated four other people. A man with smoke inhalation was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital in a stable condition. "Another man with smoke inhalation was taken to St Vincent's Hospital in a stable condition. "Two women with existing medical conditions were taken to St Vincent's Hospital in a stable condition."
Another 50 people were assessed but did not require treatment, Ambulance Victoria said. The residents have been relocated to the Fitzroy Town Hall. 

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