Friday 31 March 2017

Anonymous : "Do you know that without UMNO you would not be who you are?.

steadyaku47 note : This piece was written many years ago...updated.

"Do you know that without UMNO you would not be who you are? you think that your Chinese friends will create MCKK, allow and help u to study there and then sponsored u to overseas....Melayu mudah lupa....otak sempit".

I received the above comment recently. I would like to reply. You say that without UMNO I will not be who I am today. Who am I today?
I am a 69-year-old man living in Australia – in retirement. I migrated to Australia almost 40 years ago and arrived in Perth with AUD $120 in my pocket, a pregnant wife and one daughter. We did not know any one in Perth. Apart from that Aud$120 (One Hundred and twenty dollars!) I did not take anything else from Malaysia into Australia except what we carried with us on the flight.
MCKK? The British established MCKK!
Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK) is the first fully residential school in Malaysia. Established on 2 January 1905, it was originally known as the Malay Residential School of Kuala Kangsar. The school was the brainchild of R J Wilkinson, inspector of schools for the Federated Malay States. In a letter to the resident-general dated 24 February 1904 he wrote about "establishing at a suitable locality in the F.M.S., a special residential school for the education of Malays of good family and for the training of Malay boys for admission to certain branches of Government service". W Hargreaves, headmaster of Penang Free School, was appointed as the first headmaster to lead the establishment of the school. 
UMNO has nothing to do with MCKK – well not much when I left MCKK in 1965. After MCKK I went to SABS Kuantan where I left with an HSC.
After SABS I spent a year at the University where I failed miserably  - too miserably to even repeat my first year  - and my Father, at his own expense, sent me to Ealing Tech where I proceeded to do what I did at Uni in KL – failed again miserably in my studies. I married a Greek girl at 21 (the most successful of all my adult undertaking as I am still with her today – she at 72 and me at 69) and went back to KL after four years in London still with only my HSC but armed with fours year of living on my own in London.
Again all this with no help from UMNO! And certainly no help from any Chinese friends.
Then I started my working life.
With help from UMNO!
My first job was with MNI – Malaysia National Insurance. Ask any insurance executive and he or she will tell you how MNI has grown to be as big as it is today. You get business from Petronas, from State Governments, from the Federal Governments from any government related business and from bumiputra businesses who have been 'reminded' by UMNO to do business with MNI. Here was where I first learn to do business by command. The command comes from the UMNO led Barisan Nasional government that government related businesses MUST DO BUSINESS with MNI. No competitive quotes, nothing to do with servicing your clients, nothing to do with how good you are at paying claims – In MNI we learn that we can push our weight around and we will still get business over the other Insurance companies.
From there it was just a step away from learning about doing business ‘The UMNO way.” Rent seeking using Ali Baba companies, political patronage, cronyism or simply outright embezzlement of public funds, which is the much-preferred way of doing business the ‘UMNO way’.
Let me tell you how I made RM$100,000 the UMNO way. Follow me on this:
You cannot bring in construction workers from China – it is prohibited. I had a request from a Chinese Contractor who wanted to bring in 200 Chinese workers from China for a project in Shah Alam. The Chinese workers did good work for little money. The contractor offered to pay me RM$1000 per worker if I could get exemption from the Government to allow him to do so. To cut a long story short – I approached an UMNO contact who arranged for me to see the Minister in charge and within two weeks semua di atur. The Contractor got his approval to bring in 200 Chinese workers and I got my RM$200K  - which I split 50/50 with u know who! There you have it – RM$100K the UMNO way – all done within two weeks!
Now he tells me “melayu mudah lupa…otak sempit.” If truth be told I would rather forget all that I have learnt from UMNO and free my mind of doing business the UMNO way! I will be the better for doing so!
Today in Australia this Australian government provides for the comfort of my wife who has dementia, and for my life in retirement. I am now 69 and am receiving a pension. I live in a compact and decent apartment paying affordable rent (25% of my income) and our quality of life is good. If you read my blog you will know that last week my wife fainted while we were out – the ambulance came within ten minutes and we were taken to the hospital and given all the medical assistance that was required – at no costs to us. 
Now tell me ‘Anonymous’ what will UMNO do for me if I am 69 years old and retired without any means of support with a wife who has dementia? Will they give me a pension? Will they give me free or subsidised medical assistance for my wife and me? Will they give me subsidised housing for which I pay rent at 25% of my income and to which I have right of abode for as long as I want? And did I mention that the apartment I live in is brand new with a tram stop right outside the building – and the building is secured? And all around me there are dozens of restaurants and take-aways, supermarkets, boutiques – all that I and my wife need to make life pleasant!
No ‘anonymous’ I have nothing to be thankful to UMNO! If anything it is my duty to bring down this insidious political organisation that has wreck havoc and much damage to the cultural, racial, religious and economic health of our country. It is the duty of every right thinking Malaysian to do the same because our survival as a nation and as a people depends on us taking out UMNO and denying them any say in the affairs of our Nation.
Do not ask me to stay in Australia and mind my own business and leave things be in Malaysia!  Do not ask all us Malaysian that have chosen to live outside Malaysia to mind our own business and ignore what UMNO is now doing to OUR country. 
We may all live overseas but our hearts and passion are still for all things Malaysians. And for as long as we breathe, for as long as I can write, we will do all we can to help change things in Malaysia! 
Not because we intend to come back to stay in Malaysia! 
Not because we want our children to come back to stay in Malaysia! 
And not because we want PKR, DAP or PAS to be in government. 
We do all that we do because we are all in this together. If I have a good life in Australia I want those in Malaysia to have the same life that I am fortunate enough to have here. I do not want Malaysian to be plundered and pillaged by a corrupt and insidious UMNO led government. I do not want a Prime Minister who, in as far as the majority of Malaysian are concerned, have still to be cleared of complicity in the murder of Altanatuya! I want the murder of suspects in MACC and PDRM custody to be stopped. I want a responsible, accountable, open and decent government in Putrajaya. And this is what any decent, rational and decent human being will want for himself and for the people we left behind in Malaysia.         
Now onwards to Putrajaya! ABU!       

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