Thursday 23 March 2017

cakap cakap...Hard to be a Malay too!

First posted Sunday, 15 May 2011

Last week this Chinese guy was putting in his two cents worth about how hard it is to be a Chinese in Malaysia. Aisehman if you think being a Chinese in Malaysia is hard let me give you my five cents worth (we Malays must always be one up on the Chinese lah!) about being a Malay in Malaysia!

Let us start with the easy one first. What is the most stupid thing that has ever happened in our country? Maybe some of you Malays have to think hard about this (see how even a Malay makes fun of the Malays!) but I know the Chinese will be clamouring to put in their two cents worth on this matter. It must surely be the theft of the two spare General Electric J85-21A engines for the RMAF Northrop Grumman F-5E Tiger II jet fighters – each worth RM$50million. Now who was the head honcho in the RMAF at that time? A Malay! Who was the Minister of Defence at that time? A Malay! Who was the Prime Minister at that time? A  Malay!......siapa malu…we Malays lah! Yes two Indians were charged in connection with the theft but you know and I know that nothing gets done in RMAF and MINDEF unless the Malays give the thumbs up! 

Next in line is that unfortunate situation when our self proclaimed First Lady “doctored” her own image to make her look as young as Ziana Zain…. maybe even younger if the reports coming in from malicious sources are to be believed! This First Lady happens to be a …MALAY! And again the non-Malays are shaking his or her heads as to how this Malay First Lady could think that air brushing 40 years away could fool anybody. I know that you Chinese can say that there were plenty of Malays who were laughing with the Chinese on this one….yes we did laugh but inside still hurting so much lah!!!!

If you Chinese think that you all are suffering a lot of pain because of the Ketuanan Melayu thing please consider this: We have Ibrahim Ali as our so-called champion!!!!! Aisehman will you walk behind this son of Ibrahim even if he decides to champion Ketuanan China? No thank you! But for now we Malays are stuck with having him as our Hang Tuah for Ketuanan Melayu…complete with headgear and keris too! It now seems that he is about to call a Jihad against the non-Malays. Aiyah as a Malay where can I hide myself from this later day Hang Tuah?   

I can go on and on about this “hard to be a Malay” stuff but I think that is enough for now. I sure hope that some Indians, Dayak or Iban will come up with their two cents worth on this matter too! I am sure being an Indian, Iban or Dayak is also hard....please share with us the cross you guys have to bear!

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