Wednesday 22 March 2017

Thirteen Million one congratulated me on getting my 13 millionth hit! It happened last week and I waited and waited and waited for someone to say something...anything. Aiyah if I wait some more, sure die one. There was just me sitting and watching the hits mounting up until it hit 13 million on Saturday night. Syiok sendiri!

My son has got the TV and my Mac hooked up so that it can mirror anything from my Mac onto the Smart there I was in my recliner, feet up and watching my own blog !!!

This is just a note to you guys to tell you all that we bloggers also need some love to be thrown our way once in a while...and also some dollars too...but if no is good enough!

Anyway I just do not want this occasion to pass without letting you guys know that I am grateful for every hit that you throw my way ...... every time you click on to steadyaku47 makes all the work I do on this blog worth while...and I do read every comment - good or bad - that you send me. 

In the 8 years that I have been blogging I think I may have deleted less then five comments that was too rude or offensive to be seen by must remember that one day my grand children will read this too.

Life is good. 

Lawan Mesti Lawan!

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