Friday 31 March 2017

Towel Head a Sick Joke?

Mohamad Ariffin made the following comment on my posting and attached is my reply to his comment. 

To Towel Or Not To Towel, That Is The Question:

Mohamad Ariffin

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Do u think this is funny? A joke? A sick joke, yes.
No Saudara this is not meant to be a joke...Hadi has made himself into a Joke to be laughed at not only by the Malays but also by other Malaysians. PAS under TGNA and PAS under this Hadi are like chalk and cheese. One respected and revered by all Malaysians in the manner they embraced the diversity of our people and used that diversity to strengthen PAS and make PAS nationally relevant and the other in the manner he has divided PAS, and snuggled up to a corrupt and odious Malay party and by so doing will once again relegate PAS to what it was before Pakatan Rakyat - a provincial political entity languishing by itself in the East Coast and deprived of it's rightful and much needed oil royalties by the very political entity that it is now snuggling itself to. A sick joke you sick is Hadi to think that he could even work with umno? Maybe sick might not not the right word.....stupid would be more appropriate. And we have not even begin to talk about the dedak!

Replying as Hussein ABDUL HAMID
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