Thursday 30 March 2017

cakap cakap...LIFE.

Yesterday my hernia was bothering me...very much. 

The pain was excruciating and I was hobbling around the apartment getting lunch for my wife while my son was giving her a drink. I was reaching up high to get to the top cabinet for some seasoning to add to the meal I was making for her and in doing so, I felt the dull pain of my Hernia accentuate. At the same time, I was asking my son where the things I was looking for were at....and he mumbled an answer...and I asked again. Again he answered but I still did not hear him.......probably because of the pain. In anger I slammed the cabinet door shut and walked slowly to my room and slammed the door shut. I have learnt to do that when ever I start to get angry with anything or with myself. My son knows that when I do so, it means I needed time to calm down and he will take over from me and do what has to be done for my wife. And he did. 

I was in the room for about twenty minutes when my son knocked on the door, came in on my bidding....and he told me to make an appointment for my wife, his mother, to see our Doctor as soon as possible because her breathing was not good.

Upon hearing him say that my wife was unwell......all was forgotten. 

The Hernia, my anger and my simmering self pity for myself at not being able to control my temper, all forgotten. Nothing else mattered except the condition of my wife. I went into the living room where she was and asked my son what was wrong? He said that there was a rasping sound every time she took a breath...and that rasping sound seem to come from within her chest. 

I listened and heard it too....but she had been coughing from the night before and she did have a slight fever from the day before ....possible because of the changing weather.....but even as I was listening to my son speak and watching my wife heart was pounding away. Pounding as I worry for her health and her problems with breathing. I sat beside her for the next hour kept watch over her. She seems to be okay and soon it was time for her to have her afternoon nap and rest....and we took her to the room to let her sleep for a while.

While she was sleeping I realised that my heart was still pounding at the possibility that my wife was unwell and my emotions raw at the thought that my wife was having problems breathing....even if it was for a moment. 

Such is life. Too often you take those that you care for and those that you love much too much, for granted. You wake up they are there. Throughout the day...they are there. Lunch and dinner...they are there. And then sleep and still there are there beside you....that is until they are unwell and then you start to worry if they are going to get better....and that is when you understand how fleeting life can be. It is then that you understand that you must always consciously be kind, gracious, caring, respectful and loving to those that you love ....because you and them pass through this life only once. 

Live it well and live life so that there will not be too much regrets for what you did not do to the ones you love when you could......what you did not say to the one you love when you should....and what you could have done to them and with them, when you could. And be thankful for every moment of the times you still have together with one another. 

P.S.  I did take my wife to our Doctor late this evening. All seems well ...but just to be sure the Doctor wants us to take her on Friday for an ECG as her heart seems to be beating a bit too fast...and then to see her on Friday afternoon with the ECG results. For now my wife is well...and sleeping in the bed beside me. 

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