Sunday 26 March 2017

"Kita Bangsa Johor, kita bangga dengan Johor dan ada 'cara Johor'?

"Jangan masuk campur urusan negri Johor"

I have lived in Johor. I have gone to school in Johor and I have done business in Johor. In all the time that I have lived, schooled and done business in Johor, never have I met anyone from Johor who have asked me to behave myself while I am in Johor. No one has ever informed me that in Johor things are done different from anywhere else in Malaysia. And never have I been asked to show my IC or my passport when I am entering or leaving Johor. Johor is a part of Malaysia. Johor is as much my state as the other states are in any part of Malaysia, even, if I want to be parochial, I can say that Selangor is my home state because I was born in Segambut. 

We are all Malaysians.  

Why are we now being told by the Sultan, by that Brigadier son of his and by others from Johor that  "they are Bangsa Johor, kita bangga dengan Johor dan ada 'cara Johor?" 

What distinguishes the people of Johor from others?

Was it because they were Sultans from Johor who were tyrants and murderers? And being the decedents of tyrants and murderers, this present Johor Sultan thinks Johor is different from the other states? No lah Tuanku....the former Sultans may be tyrants and murderers but you don't have to follow their footstep. Behave yourself and we will leave you alone.  

The Johor Sultanate : Tyrants, sexual predators, rapists, thugs, murderers (yes not one or two murders but more!), criminal misconduct, assault and this week, threat to murder again!

How else are the people of Johor different from others in Malaysia? 

Do they have a tail? Do they speak a different language when in Johor? Does this Bangsa Johor and cara Johor makes those from Johor more better behave more educated and more gracious and respectful of others? From what I have seen of people from Johore - and I have a few friends who are from Johor.... they are all, like me, of the human race. Some good , some bad. Some do not lie. Some lie all the time. Some fat some thin....hell they are no different from the people of the other states. All kinds of people can be found in Johor as all kinds of people can be found in the other states. 

Are the people of Johor so loyal to their Sultan that there are prepared to sacrifice their lives if anyone from outside Johor insult their Sultan? I don't think so Tuanku....I am sure they all remember how previous Sultans of Johor treat their subjects and others who have upset them. We still remember that Sultan of Johor who beat up that hockey coach. The Sultan of Johor who killed the caddy on the golf course. And plenty of other stories. 

Malaysians have had enough of being divided by race and religion without having a Sultan beating up the drums to rally the Johor people into thinking they are different from the others just to serve his own vested ends.  

If you really want to take Johor out of Malaysia, if you want to stop us "outsiders" from entering johor, or do business in Johor....or even if the people of Johor wants to declare themselves no longer Malaysians and instead declare themselves as Johorians...go ahead and do so. Stop talking about it. Stop telling others you will do this and to do that....walk the talk Tuanku! 

And why do you want to do so?  

What is happening in Johor that we must not know? What is Johor doing different from the other states - from Putrajaya? Are Johor politicians dedak free? Are Johor civil servants all honest and incorruptible? Are Johor royalties behaving themselves?  

Or is it because the Sultan dealings with the Chinese will NOT stand scrutiny from those outside Johor? Are those who are asking if the business done between the Sultan and the Chinese is kosher beginning to get on the nerves of the Sultan? You have something to hide Tuanku? 

Enough of all this talk about my state being better than yours. Enough about telling anyone else not to interfere in the affairs of this state or that state. And really Tuanku, having more money that the other Sultans or anyone else in Johor or Malaysia does not give you any right to start pushing your weight around as if you are God's gift to the people of Johor. 

Just hush your mouth and be what you are suppose to be : The head of state of your own state and the head of Islam in your state. You do not participate in the actual governance of your  states. You act on the advice of the Menteri Besar

And my advice to you is make like a tree and hush up!

Betul ker apa yang dia cakapkan nih? Dengar macam baru makan dedak jer. Masih lagi berbau dedak. Kalaulah benar apa yang dicakapkan tuh tidaklah ada tangkapan exconya yang melibatkan jutaan ringgit. Baik rasanya dicadangkan supaya dia nih makan ubat dulu sebelum makan dedak.
Pengerusinya Datuk Samsol Bari Jamali berkata Johor tidak memerlukan 'orang luar' (pembangkang) untuk mengajar pemimpin negeri mentadbir.
"Kita Bangsa Johor, kita bangga dengan Johor dan ada 'cara Johor'....

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