Thursday 22 February 2018

cakap cakap...

For many of us who chose to leave Malaysia and set up home elsewhere, thoughts of home, families and the life that we have left behind always invade the space we now call home. Some of us resent this intrusion for it brings back unpleasant memories of the Malaysia we left behind. Some of us seek out any links and any memories of those life and those times because our ties with "home" and "tanah tumpahnya darah ku" can never and will never be severed. And still there are some of us who care not what happens anymore in Malaysia for Malaysia to them is history.......for them life and life opportunities are now elsewhere. 
I can only speak for myself. 
Many times I am tempted to close the KL chapter of my life. Forget the two brothers and sister that I have not seen for over two decades. Forget that my parents lie buried in the Muslim Cemetery in Jalan Ampang. Forget the many dozens of first cousins, my uncles and aunties that I have left behind when I finally made the break from KL about a decade ago. 
Easier said than done! 
All these are not distant memories of a life left behind in KL....all this are realities I live with each day....time has deaden and numb the emotional ties with the people that I know but time itself is also the enemy as "absence makes the heart grow fonder". .....and so we do what most of you do when nostalgia hits us.....think of those that we have left behind, think of the good times and sadly, think of what could have been if our leaders were men of integrity, responsibility, accountability and are men of enough courage to make Malaysia a home for every one of us.
My thoughts this morning....

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