Friday 23 February 2018

Abbott and Costello and MACC

MACC Chief Commissioner Dzulkifli Ahmad says the drop may have been…

Abbott and Costello is shocked that Malaysia's ranking in the global graft index has dropped? Just so that we are clear...Abbott is the old guy on the left and Costello is the guy on the right. Ok...back to the business at hand...Abbott and Costello are shocked! 

Well to me, Abbott seems more shocked then Costello...and not only is Abbott shocked, he seems to be out of his depth trying to make some sense of why he is sitting beside the fornicating KP of MACC. Guilt by association maybe? After all Abbott has been priding himself as being a man of principle and blab blah blah...

Abbott must be embarrass in having to grace that press conference with his presence when he knows what the KP has been up to in Bali and Hong Kong recently.    

Abbott, if truth is to be are there not to grace anything because there is no grace left in your much battered self. You have already been round the block and is still whizzing around trying to gain whatever it is you think you have lost in the past few years in your dalliances with politicians who are way way more streetwise and savvy then you. And even now you are being played like a violin by that Idiot in Putrajaya...and the pity of it all is that everyone knows that you are being taken for a ride, but you don't. 

I think you are older then me...and I am not really comfortable giving you a piece of my I will cease and desist now.

Just one word of have seen how that 92 year old Tun Mahathir is still going from strength to strength on the comeback trial to try and right what is wrong in this beloved nation of ours. You, Mr Abbot is no Tun Mahathir.... so chill.  

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