Sunday 18 February 2018

Keep The Rage

Since last night....and I did not go to sleep until 5 this morning...I have been thinking of a good many things. 
I have been thinking about how we can get our people to understand how critical it is for us to make change happen in GE14. Critical because I sincerely believe, that another term in office for this Idiot and the BN government he leads, will take our nation beyond the point where we, you and me, can try to put in place for the generation that is going to come after put in place for them, a future that will be better then the one we ourselves had had to lived through our often miserable lives under this corrupt and arrogant BN regime. 
This GE 14 is critical because there is still time to stop the rot from the fish head from contaminating the rest of itself. If in the next few weeks we can somehow get Malaysians to understand that "ini kali" it is really a do or die proposition, then there is still hope. 
Still hope that we can put that old 92 year old man into Putrajaya to begin the process of change with Kit Siang and Anwar by his side. 
Still hope to make ready the next echelon of leaders to take over from them in the next decade or earlier. 
Still time to round up all the thieves and robbers spawned by this despicable BN government within the Judiciary, all the various statutory bodies, government departments and public offices held by their cronies and cohorts and to hold them all responsible and accountable for the harm they have done to our Nation. 
All this we must do and more if we are to take back our Nation and put this Nation of ours on to the path of recovery and repair in time for my grand children and yours, to be ready to take from us the responsibility of bringing back our beloved Malaysia from the brink of a failed state and from the edge of madness that this BN government has taken it to. 
But I have only one fear within me. 
Only one fear because I no longer fear if the process of change will start. It has already started. 
One fear only because I have no fear that our people - the infidels and the believers - cannot live together, work together and be there for each other...all this they are now doing and the future augers well for all of us for we know that "ini kali" it is our fight for our survival and for our way of life.
The fear I have is simply of time. I am 72and I already feel the ravages of time within my physical self. I already know that I no longer have the stamina and the drive to work as I used to do a few years back, and as I want to now in order to make change happen. 
Now if at 72 I am beginning to feel the limitation that age puts on me....what about Kit Siang and Tun Mahathir? They are decades older then me. I do not worry too much of saudara Anwar because he is a spring chicken when compared to those two. My worry is for Kit Siang and Tun Dr Mahathir. Let us hope that they know how to pace themselves. Let us hope that they have enough good people around them who will do what needs to be done to take the slack from these leaders of ours whenever it is needed. And no matter your beliefs, let us all pray that "ini kali" our leaders, our people and our future generations will prevail over this despicable, corrupted and arrogant BN regime. Lawan mesti Lawan.
Keep the rage!

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