Sunday 18 February 2018


I have asked myself the same questions you guys have been asking yourself over and over again : 
The DPM and the Ministers in Cabinet do not know that their prime minister is corrupt? The people in umno do not know that their president is corrupt? The parties in the BN coalition do not know that their Chairman is corrupt? The KSU's in the government departments, the Generals in the Army, the Senior Police Officers, the Inspector General of Police and his Deputy ...they all do not know that najib razak is corrupt? Are not these people the elites of our nation? They hold high public office and are responsible for the security, the safety and the state of our nation and they have all pledged to do their duty to King and Country! 
Do they all not know of the corruption or do they not want to know?
They cannot all be corrupt. They cannot all be takers of dedak. Surely not everyone of them are willing to sell their integrity and credibility for financial gains? A few, maybe, but surely not all of them? I will not believe that it is possible to "buy" all these ruling and government elites and make them ignore, overlook or dismiss the wholesale corruption that has become the new normal for our nation. 
To believe otherwise will mean that all is lost. It means that corruption is endemic. Corruption is now the way things will be in the foreseeable future. For as long as this umno led BN government is in Putrajaya. And that thought sends chills down my spine - for it means that our country is now a haven for thieves and E.S Shankar said...a "Government of thieves".
And, if indeed what we now have is a "Government of Thieves"...then what can we do to change things.
Ponder on this before the new week starts tomorrow....and be ready for another week closer to GE 14. When Monday comes....let us once again with vim and vigour and with more enthusiasm see what else each of us, individually and together, can do to rid ourselves of umno and the government they are in charge of.

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