Monday 26 February 2018

Najib and Mahathir : NO PLAN B :

For Najib and Tun Mahathir....there is no Plan B after GE 14. 

Win or Lose Najib understand what the stakes are. He has to win this election to escape a stay at Sungai Buloh at the pleasure of the incoming Pakatan Harapan government (after due process through a Judiciary that is no longer beholden to the Executive). 

Whatever the final verdict, this Idiot and Mrs Idiot will spend time in remand, in prison wear and handcuffed when taken our of their cells lest they try to escape. And from time to time, they will have their backside inspected lest they try to conceal any illegal substances up their arses....and they both have to stand up in the dock to be questioned for deeds done while the Idiot was in high political and public office. Just that thought alone have already cased the Idiot to wet his pants and Semah to soil her panties.

What about Tun Dr Mahathir? 

Come on lah the old man is 92. This is his last, final hurrah! What need is there for a Plan B! Hell, as far as the Old Man is concern, this is his Waterloo, his Bukit Kepong and Custer's Last Stand all wrap up in one. No need for Plan B....if he is left still standing after GE 14 the Old Man will never ever die ever! Not in the memories of grateful Malaysia, not in the memory of future generations to come...and certainly not in the history of our Nation. Hang Tuah and Sergeant Hassan will not be able to hold a candle to the Old Man. 
And if the Old Man loses....what if he loses? 
What lah...I do not believe in Fairy Tales! So perish that thought!

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