Saturday 17 February 2018

cakap little time.

The word is out among those who have the most to hide in this corrupt umno led BN government....COVER YOUR ASSES! Destroy incriminating documents. Get rid of anything that can or will link you to any questionable practices bordering on the corrupt and criminal during your time in public office. Anything that any incoming government can use to prosecute you, your department or ministry, your party...ensure that these "evidence" are got rid off safely and securely. 
Fear has started to invade the once arrogant umno leaders who though that nothing could take away political power from them. That nothing could take away what they already have had for over half a century.
Today the realities are changing. For umno it is no longer a search and rescue mission. That has been abandon. For umno it has turned into a recovery mission...trying to recover from 60 years of corruption, mismanagement and abuse of government. Trying to hold on to what they have in the "safe seats" where the rural Malays reside....trying to save face.
All that is left for umno is to wait for GE 14 election they know they will lose. And while waiting they can try and come up with fanciful thoughts of whatever it is that they think they can do to hold on to political power ....declare an Emergency perhaps....hope that the alliance with those Towel Heads in PAS will be enough for them to hold on to government perhaps..... get rid of that Idiot perhaps and replace him with another Idiot perhaps....offer the presidency to Tun Dr Anwar Ibrahim....many things to think about and yet so little time. 
So little time....

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