Tuesday 27 February 2018

Pengechut, penakut, tiada telor and pondan....Mr Kuok or That Idiot?

Here we have a tin pan alley umno gangster, complete with dark glasses and that menacing finger pointing gesture that this Malay pariah thinks will threaten the likes of the 90 year old Robert Kuok to take notice that he and umno are now gunning after this Chinese billionaire for whatever insane reasons they might care to cook up. Methinks that Mr Kuok takes more notice of an insect, a fly or a mosquito buzzing around him then to give any time of his day for this sad excuse of a human being. 

And while throwing these empty threats at Mr Kuok, this sad excuse of a father, a husband and a Malay, does not fail to include DAP and the Chinese into the equation. His reasons for doing so is unclear but that does not bother this bastard...though there is a method to his madness...and what is that you ask me? It is simply this...the Chinese, DAP and any other Chinese Billionaire must all be mention in the same breath so that the Malays will think they are all collaborating to ensure Umno's fall at GE14....and the rationale is that if umno falls, then so will the Malays. 
There is some truth in the bastard rationale. The Chinese, DAP and Mr Kuok are working, in their own ways, to rid our beloved Malaysia of this contemptible, corrupt and arrogant umno and Malays like him.... and they are doing so with the assist of many many Malays in their endeavours.....and I suspect that is the issue that is really bothering this bastard more then anything else. 
Just a freudian slip by Nazri. In his colourful description of Mr Kuok as a pengechut, penakut, tiada telor and he not describing that Idiot in Seri Perdana? 
Anyway...this is another attempt by a desperate politicians to ride on any coat tail he can cling to, to take him past the finishing line come GE 14....but for him and umno, going past the finishing line after GE 14 means going straight to not pass GO, do not collect $200...go straight to Jail!

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