Tuesday 20 February 2018

Ibrahim Yaacob : Why Malaysia? Control of the South China Sea.

Malaysia , under Najib, is going down a very dangerous path of relaying on the economic might of the People's Republic of (Communist) China to try to boost the Malaysian economy and try to swim against the tide. Instead of retreat and rebuild. The idiot is willing to sell Malaysia to PRC to save himself and UMNO. 

It's an impossible dream to think the economy can recover from artificial (corruption) cost escalation. You can keep pumping money (through borrowing from public money like EPF, KWAP, Tabung Haji, FELDA, PETRONAS, KHAZANAH and others) but no way to pay back these 'loans' with conventional methods because these monies did not go to the projects but rather into their own pockets. Thus, these "projects" are economically non viable from the start, so how to resolve these problem? In the meantime you can no longer cover-up the siphoning of public monies. So, how? Easy, call in your "friendly white knight", in the form of black money from the PRC," and flog off the country"s assets.

Only one problem, these PRC "white knights" are a disguised colonization army. 

Why Malaysia? Control of the South China Sea.

My two sen worth.

Have a great day Hussin.

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