Wednesday 28 February 2018

Semua umno bikin....Ptui!

What is all this racial argument about Chinese being “allowed” to do business and the freedom to become rich in Malaysia. Whose permission do they need? BN government? The Malays? The Indians? Why? These people are Malaysians. They are free to conduct their business in Malaysia. If they are successful (become millionaires or billionaires) and contribute to society and pay their taxes, why the bashing now?
If the Malays who have been given tons of help by the government and are still lousy at running businesses (since Mahathir’s days) why grudge the Malaysian Chinese?
Admittedly, some Chinese businessmen had to slip envelopes under the table to get licences and certain favours. This is silent public knowledge. Right? There you are........corruption at every level. You allow it to happen. So stop blaming other people and playing the Victimisation games. It does hold anymore!
Farida Reiss

steadyaku47 comment : LEST YOU FORGET!

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