Saturday 17 February 2018

cakap you want to be a Malay?

Would you want to be a Malay? 
A Malay that has a Malay led government that is corrupt, arrogant and totally without compassion for its own race? 
Do you want to be a Malay that is constantly bombarded by religious pronouncements that embarrasses you - and these come not from the Koran but from government appointed religious bodies because this Malay government uses religion to divide and rule its own people?
Do you want to be a Malay whose private life is not theirs to do as they like but is under the control of the same government appointed religious bodies that think that it is their duty to raid houses of ill reputes to save Malay girls from a life of depravity while the same politician that appointed them have lives that would rival Hugh Hefner?
Every ill that now burden our country can be said to be the fault of UMNO – and is not UMNO a Malay political organization? And you have in Malaysia 9 Sultans and one King – all Malays – all the very personification of waste and an example of an institution that does no good to anybody but themselves! All of them Malays!
Do you want all this on your shoulders and maybe more, much more, if you are a Malay? 
No my friends… do not want to be us. We all have our own cross to bear. Let us not start to blame each other for the ills that we now face in this beloved country of ours. And never must we start hating each other for these ills. Blame the UMNO led BN government. Hate the UMNO led BN government!
That UMNO is a Malay political organization is a cross that I will have to bear until we can rid ourselves of this curse. And we can only do so as one people – do not blame the Malays for your ills. The blame lies with UMNO not with us Malays.

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