Thursday 22 February 2018

An Idiot in Hubirs.

This is an Idiot in hubris....totally out of touch, ignorant and unable to grasp the reality surrounding him. He is adrift in a sea of others who sees in him a fool of a leader whom they will keep in as long as they profit under his time in government. Nobody tells him that he is making a fool of himself by asking people to live within their means when he does not! Nobody tells him that is political demise is already sealed when Mahathir came on board Pakatan Harapan....nobody tells him anything but what he himself wants to hear! 
And what this Idiot wants to hear is that victory is at hand as GE 14 nears. What this idiot wants to think is that when the votes are counted he will still be PM...that he will still be President of Umno and Chairman of BN. And then, he thinks, when that happens he will begin the process of putting his own people in Cabinet, his own people in the various positions to enable him to continue the thieving, pillaging and plundering of our nation's resources...and all this he thinks he can still do without fear after GE 14. 
Let him think what he wants. We already know what Tun Dr Mahathir has pledged to do with this Idiot and his wife. We already know what WE want to do with him and his wife....and it will certainly not be to debate if he should be conferred a Tunship or any position as Senior Minister in any Government to be formed. It will not be bidding him and his wife a fond farewell and to wish him well in his retirement nor give thanks for services rendered while in government. 
Let us not speculate too much on what is to come lest we encourage him to flee for parts unknown before we can have our way with him. Suffice for us to know that there will be no graceful exit for Mr and Mrs Idiot. There will be no "deal" negotiated to allow him to escape anything less then what is his dues....and come what I may...I want to be among the first to front up at any court in any part of this land of ours, to witness this Idiot get what is coming to him under the law of our land. So help me God!
KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 22 —Malaysians should be wise in making lifestyle choices and spend only within their means, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said today. “It is about choice,

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