Monday 26 February 2018

Who cannot be bought?

This is where it starts to go very wrong for Najib and Rosmah. Already Isa Samad, Annuar Musa and Jamal Jamban have been taken out of the position they have been appointed to by Najib himself. Even as prime minister, Najib can no longer "manage" 1MDB. 1MDB now has a toxic life of its own...a life that has been determined by the abuses and use of the billions already swindled, laundered or simply stolen from 1MDB by Najib and by those acting for and on behalf of Najib and Rosmah....his own flesh and blood included! 
All the sins of Najib and Rosmah are now unravelling. Their greed, is insatiable. None can match the greed of Rosmah Mansor. For when you have no heart, no grace, no manners, no empathy, no sympathy.....nothing not even beauty or youth...then there is only greed to fall back to....iinsatiable greed... for you mistakenly think that money can make up for all that you lack. 
What fascinates me is how many people have been drawn into the abyss of greed that Najib and Rosmah have already fallen into. 
Let us look at just one family...Sharizat's.
Charimen NFC : Suami = gaji RM100,000 sebulan.
Pengarah eksekutif NFC : Anak = gaji RM45,000 sebulan. 
Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif NFC : Anak = gaji RM35,000 sebulan.
Pengarah NFC Anak = gaji 35,000 sebulan. 
Sharizat's family gets RM215,000 a month...doing fuck all!

Today there is no more Hollywood for Reza Aziz. Jho Low no longer struts along the corridors of the rich and famous. They are now reluctant, embarrass or just afraid to show their face to the public anymore lest the powers that be serve a warrant of arrest upon them and bundled them away to Jail. Who will believe them anymore if they come up with any more of their "investment" offers to Hollywood or to any one else. The world knows what these two have been up to and where their money comes from.
The world also knows what Najib and Rosmah have been up to....and while what money they have will still buy them the "respect" of those who wants the money that they is "respect" given at a very high price. Najib and Rosmah will continue to pay through their noses to have people do their bidding and give them that "respect".
But not everyone can be bought!
Mahathir and Anwar cannot be bought. Kit Siang cannot be bought. Nurrul Izzah, Kadir Jasin cannot be bought. Harris Ibrahim cannot be bought. Sopian Ahmad cannot be bought. Pak Arshad Raji Raji cannot be bought. 
Everyday that list keeps growing. And more heartening, they and many others are prepared to stand up and say their piece against Najib and Rosmah and take their place beside Mahathir, Kit Siang and Anwar. 
They all stand up against Najib and all that Najib and Rosmah represents : arrogance and greed. And it is these people who cannot be bought that will eventually bring Najib and Rosmah down to their knees. 
And for those who can be bought like Isa Samad, Annuar Musa and Jamal Jamban....if not ALLAH, then the people of Malaysia will bring them to account for their use and abuse of their public office for personal gain. And this will be done sooner rather than later.

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