Thursday 15 February 2018

Drowning in their own Cesspool of Dedak.

Is it stupidity? Is it "advice" by cronies and cohorts that have vested interests in the things they give advice on? Is it those personal assistants (of which he has many) who do not have a clue on what they are assisting him on? Is it greed and personal interest first? Is it the wife? Is the Idiot really clueless about what he is doing? Or is there a method in his madness? After all he is prime minister and has been prime minister for close to a decade? Or will it be a combination of all of the above?

Maybe he is in too deep and is now drowning in his own dedak swill? He cant swim out of it. He cannot wade out of it. No one will throw a lifeline to get him out of the mess he is now in.

So he does the only thing he knows to do. Make more dedak and keep stepping on to the dedak as it keeps piling up around him trying to keep his head above all the dedak piling around him so that he can breath.

He desperately tries to keep his head above the pile of dedak being shovelled into the pit that he is now in...and when the dedak pile is high enough, this Idiot thinks he can step out of the abyss of dedak he is now in, step out of the filth and rubbish he is now drowning in and walk away from the cesspool of dedak and go on to enjoy the spoils of public office that he has accumulated at our expense and at the nation's expense....and spend the rest of his life wallowing in the insane wealth he has stolen from us.

But here is the problem......he and his wife will drown in the dedak piling up around them before they can get out of the cesspool. That is what greed does to people. Greed will never allow you out of their clutches. This Idiot and his wife is a done deal...dead meat There will be no escape and they will drown in the filth that is now piling up around them. They will drown in their own dedak!

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