Tuesday 27 February 2018

Exploiting the vulnerability of these simple rural Malays for personal profit and party gains ....PTUI!

Exploiting the vulnerability of these simple rural Malays for personal profit and party gains is one of the most despicable acts by politicians on both sides of the political divides. And to have been filmed while doing so merely serves to heighten the contempt and disgust we all feel for these worms, snakes and leeches that masquerades as the elected representatives of the people they have pledged to serve...and this umno and BN more then any other political parties, has already honed into a fine art. 
Watch how this despicable politicians below odiously basks in the dishonourable glow of gratitude mistakenly given by the old Malay lady to him for making it possible for the old woman to perform her pilgrimage to Mecca gratis.
All the old Malay lady knows is that someone is paying for her pilgrimage to Mecca. For that she is grateful. For that she will cast her votes to favour the giver, be it Umno or PH. And she will pray in Mecca for the giver. Who are we to belittle her for doing so for that is all she is able to comprehend. 
The old Malay lady does not know about dedak. She does not understand where politicians get the money they give to people like her to go to Mecca. But If Jakim, Jawi or an Ustad was to tell her that the money is not "halal" then for sure she will not accept the gift. 
She can be played like a violin or fiddle by anyone who understand what makes her and the other simple Malay folks in the rural areas, tick. Do not belittle these simple folks for they know of nothing else. It is those Umno/BN politicians who prey upon the simple mindness of these Malay folks in order to promote their own odious political ends, that should be treated with contempt by us.
These politicians, like that bastard in the video, are people I will spit upon if ever I see them walking down the streets...Ptui.

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