Thursday 22 February 2018

cakap cakap...courage.

Good Morning Malaysia!
You can commend me for my commitment in updating and writing for steadyaku47 and this Facebook almost on a daily basis. You can say that for someone who lives over 6000 kilometres away from K Hell all this is something I do because my heart and soul is still Malaysian to the core. And if you insist you may even think me quaint or "gila" to do all this when whatever happens in Malaysia has no bearing on the life that I now live in Australia.

All this you can say of me and I will be quiet.
But do not say that I have "courage" to do what I now do in outing this corrupt umno/najib led BN government. Do not say I have courage to tell the "stories" I tell about the Sultans and all those public figures who have abused the trust placed in them by the rakyat. They may ban my blog in Malaysia and get some of their lackeys to write ill about what I write and do...but sticks and stone may bother me...but talk does not. 
It does not take courage on my part to do all this because I can do all this and nothing can be done to me by the powers that be in Malaysia to "punish" me for being a "threat to national security".
The courage belongs to Tun Mahathir, to Kit Siang to Anwar and to all you people who, openly and covertly, have done and continue to do what is needed to be done to rid our people and our nation of this corrupt and arrogant BN regime. And you do all this with the clear and ever present danger of bring arrested, taken into remand, physically harmed and financially ruined by this arrogant and corrupt BN regime. and most courageous of do all this and continue to live in your beloved Malaysia. You all are the ones with courage not me...and for doing all that, I salute you all.

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