Thursday, 1 July 2010

Cakap Cakap...MACC and London!

Mewujudkan masyarakat Malaysia 
bebas daripada rasuah merlandaskan 
nilai-nilai kerohanian dan moral yang tinggi.
Menjadikan SPRM agensi pembanterasan 
rasuah yang professional dan unggul. 
(inga?...podah lah!)

Did any of you expect a corrupt Barisan Nasional government to police itself? Did you really expect MACC to have that London meet with Bala and have the details of that interview released the very next day, or earlier by Bala’s lawyer and have that interview in the global public domain within minutes on the Internet? Worrying is it not Najib when you have to answer for what you have done in the past? The truth is like a river in flood. When the flow is too much it will break its banks and spill its water everywhere. Man’s ingenuity alone will not contain its force!

When greed becomes a way of life. When corruption to fuel that greed becomes second nature to Barisan Nasional politicians then all the forgiveness in our heart will not tolerate what UMNO does when they:

·      Mengambil hak Rakyat.
·      Makan wang Rakyat.
·      Mencuri

All that your government is doing against the Rakyat, against the bloggers, against the opposition, against perceived enemies of the Nation and those whom you say threaten national security – all of this would be laughable had it not been for the physical and emotional pain, needless emotional anguish of loved ones whose sole bread winner are thrown in jail under the ISA and other victims of your senseless persecution. Their suffering is immense! 


  1. Yes, we can all sense the tide's really turning, with Najib being the most 1Tainted PM in this world. Yes, the nose is tightening and the French are also closing in.
    God saves the Queen but nothing will save BN.


  2. The mechanism in umno to churn and elect leaders had became so corrupted under mahathir that we are left with pathetic leaders. There is no other way. We hve got to remove bn and from then on shape our nation.

  3. No, didn't expect anything to materialise except to observe their sandiwara, and how long it would take them to come out with an excuse!