Monday 13 September 2010

Listen to your will not lie.

Contemporary history when applied to UMNO would refer more to the development of UMNO since its inception to what it has now become rather then the origins. Its development has been robust for its negativity that will surely hasten its demise in the not to distant future – if not as a political organization, then as the dominant force in national politics. UMNO has distinguished itself by the following characteristics:

Ø   Leaders who lack wisdom when exercising their powers.
Ø   Money Politics, Nepotism and Greed.
Ø   Arrogance.
Ø   Abusing the trust placed upon it by the Malays.

UMNO has assiduously built its own money making machine that spews out wealth to its own not on anything fraudulent but on its responsibility to supposedly manage the national coffers of our country in a responsible and accountable manner.

This responsibility allows UMNO to do deals on the back of a large and stable wealth, capital and project provider – our country, Malaysia. They simply could not fail. Our country can!

With a never ending portfolio of money churning opportunities, projects, tenders and a long list of purchase (defense etc) UMNO eagerly offers these wealth building opportunities to themselves and their cronies – Malays and non Malays. UMNO was never calculative of the potential liabilities to the nation if these projects failed. And failed they did in large numbers costing our country many many billions of ringgits. PKFZ, Bakun, Banks, massive defense contracts, LRT. Those tasked with regulating these matters had their hand in the cookie jars themselves. Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi.

It all worked fine during the good times. But it all became toxic when systematic failures of projects became the norm – and this coupled with the global financial meltdown – brought us to the situation we are now in – reluctantly holding hands with UMNO and staring into the abyss of what the future will bring for our country!

Even a country, any country cannot take the systematic failure of projects after projects after projects and still survive. The country is now burden with massive financial loss because of these systematic failures. There must be a cost to be borne–but the cost is not borne by the Barisan Nasional government because they lack accountability – but by the people.

But even now, instead of taking stock of the way things UMNO is hell bent on continuing with its orgy of seeking wealth by any means available. UMNO now has come up with bigger mega projects  – projects in the billions – to fund its insatiable appetite for wealth. Where prudent financial management is required the opposite was done by UMNO.

Why has matter come to this catastrophic level now? Why has the BN government been allowed to carry on in such a reckless and self-serving way for so long?

It is because those we elected to govern us looked the other way. When they are not looking the other way they are too busy looting the country themselves.

The much-touted Malaysia Incorporated did become a reality – but the beneficiary was not the people of Malaysia but was limited to the preferred few within UMNO and BN and their cronies – Malays and non-Malays.

There is no need for patience and rationality in Malaysia anymore. We must be angry at the way Barisan Nasional continues to govern. But we must also be aware that we might make wrong judgments when we are impatience. Let stand back and take stock.

Over 50 years of mismanagement has been compressed into these next two years before the 13th GE is due – or maybe sooner. It all seems surreal but we are living it now. These are indeed interesting times that we live in.

The people are no longer accepting of being socially excluded. While the old are accustomed to a degree of stoicism we no longer see that in the young of today. What is self-evident is that change must come if it has not come already – and it must come quickly.

For UMNO – when you have done all you can to intimidate the people of this country and they are still defiant - what do you do next?

You have banned demonstrations.
You have the ISA.
PDRM is your running dog.
You have done physical and mental harm to your people.
Even murder them

And still they chose Pakatan Rakyat! What do you do next? Kill them? Will the Pakatan Rakyat movement be snuffed out and of our people killed to stifle dissent? If they do we must fight. This is a fight worth fighting for!  

The imagery that UMNO projects are of race and religion-all in a negative manner. Government must deliver accountability. Everything they do in government has a level of accountability. Government should not be about waste, about abuse of power. UMNO has been complicit in its encouragement of these excesses.

What Pakatan Rakyat will do is to effect change.

Pakatan Rakyat believes that PDRM must be part of the solution to corruption, not the cause of it.

Pakatan Rakyat believes that government must be part of the solution to curb wastage in public spending – not the cause of it.

PR believes that politician should lead by example and not be the cause of nepotism, money politics and greed.

Pakatan Rakyat believes that ethnic diversity should be the strength that holds the country together – not the cause of its division.

There is a sense of urgency to resolve these impasses now. In the days of old the comical rumblings of the MACC leading prosecutor trial of Teoh Beng Hock might be ignored by the public and at best commented on as being typical of those working within the government ministries. Not any more.

The evidence of such bumbling work by this Razak Musa has been the subject of much entertainment to the public and seems to increase public furor over MACC ability to do its work effectively to combat corruption.

Increasingly the Attorney General Chambers had been the recipient of much sexual and comical theatre from the public. This does not auger well for a government ministries that dispense justice. And yet the AG and the government seem oblivious to this issue. And amidst all this the bigger issue seems to be forgotten – that of delivering justice to Teoh Beng Hock – will a foreigner Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand be the only one “working for the dead?”

And over all this is Najib – isolated in his splendid Putrajaya’s Office and brooding in his majestic Seri Perdana Palace high above it all – Rosmah holds court while Najib tries to govern a people that did not elect him as their Prime Minster and now wants him out of that seat as soon as possible. When we the people think of what the future can hold for us – justice, racial harmony and individual freedom – we want that future to start as soon as possible! Listen to your heart it will not lie. 


  1. Hussein:

    Well said. For too long, we looked away, and allowed the plundering to continue. For too many times, we accepted their "we'll change" promise. for too many times, we agreed with their "give us another chance" plea.

    No more. I will uproot my whole family and migrate if there is no change in government at the next GE. Cos the pain of watching the country go bankrupt will be too much to bear.


  2. Great message.
    The malaysia with the malay like youself and the many progressive malay today, running the country from under the new PR government, would be soooo good for the nation and the competiveness of the malay and al other rakyat. Imagine what the lost billions$ of the money could do to help the nation!

    We have hope.

  3. anon 7:57. I don't think so mate.They all just the same.They those liberal Malays will compete for money, woman and power given half the chance to rule.... probably worst....Listen to your heart. I've seen it all when they briefly rule on of those states. I'm no b_end guy though..

  4. p.s don't let the heart rules both the head SIR

  5. Memang 'steady' you! You've just spoken for the lots of us, 'silent majority'.

  6. We are at the bottom. The only way to go is up. However if we chose to deny or suppress that then we will drown slowly and painfully.

    salam to all true Malaysians

  7. 1)Merit System- Dr. M concedes he screwed up the merit system!!!
    Former Prime Minister Tun
    2)Corruption- Wealth is being created but they mostly end up in the hands of the politico-business elite while corruption robs the poor and middle class to give to the rich
    3)National Unity- National unity unattainable under BN — P. Ramakrishnan