Wednesday 22 September 2010

Cakap cakap...blogging.

We bloggers are in the business of putting our thoughts onto the public domain for whatever it is worth. Why we do it must somehow involve some narcissistic, egoistic and self-centered desire to punish ourselves for daring to walk the path less trodden. How else do I explain why I write what I do? Telling others what I think they should do? Asking people I have never met to behave themselves and do the right thing for country and race? And making judgment of how other people chose to run their life? Why am I interested in these things that other do while I will not allow others to make any comments on how I run my life?

I have had that debate with myself many a times before I go to sleep, when I lie awake at night just before dawn (my favorite time alone) and every time I post anything on my blog. Believe you me I write what I feel in my heart. I look at things that have happened and I write about what I think happened. What I think were the reason these things happened and what I think could be the ramifications of these happenings. But these are my own interpretation of events. And being my personal interpretations of the event there are colored by who I am, how I think and what has been the sum of my experience of life. What I am trying to tell you is this – lighten up. What I write is just one other point of view. You may agree or not agree with it. Once you have digested what I write make your comment if you so feel inclined and I would be grateful that you did so …and then move on.

There are more important things in life. The cat needs to be fed. Your wife needs to discuss the coming weekend trip to Port Dickson with you….would you prefer her to prepare Mee Siam or Nasi Lemak? Your son or daughter might need your attention and help on something that are important to them….life goes on.

For me once I have posted my piece onto my blog I am done with it. It is out of my head and out of my mind. Sometimes I get an email from MT informing me that they have posted what I write on to their site. That would give cause for me to see what number of hits I get by the end of the day just to make me feel good about myself. Sometimes a comment hits me in the right frame of mind and I off writing my rebuttal to whatever was said. Can I leave all this blogging behind? In a heartbeat I can if it pleases me to do so….with the same ease that allows you to click me out of your life …at least for today! I am still trying to ‘talk’ to those that read what I write – but no can do. Maybe it is better this way when we have to say our goodbyes!  


  1. So do i sir.....I don't have the luxury of time to feed the cat nor to help out the wifes.i just move from blog to blog to make swiping remarks so as to suit and boost yours if not mine ego mania bloggers mate. Move on....on your bike

    poi the village idiot

  2. Thanks for putting into words what I too feel about blogging.