Tuesday 7 September 2010

With Malice Aforethought.

KUALA LUMPUR: Society should not allow the Malaysian way of life, based on diversity and moderation, to be undermined by extreme attitudes which manifest themselves through racial and religious issues, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said.

Those were the first line of an article in NST a few days back headlined “Value peace, stability” in NST with a Bernama by line. You cannot get more kosher than that! What is our Prime Minister intention in uttering those above lines? Intent? I say his intent is criminal because what he said and what he does are two different things – he seeks to deceive the Malaysian Public!

What is the Malaysia’s way of life?

Or is it this?

 Or maybe it is this?

Maybe it is really this!

Or this?

The Prime Minister says our way of life is based on diversity and moderation. Yes it is but it is diversity that the Prime Minister and Barisan Nasional exploit for their own political gains.  Ketuanan Melayu one day and the next day it is “Malaysia for All!”

And then when needed comes in that Son of Ali and his Perkasa and his “empty vessel makes the most noise” syndrome and of course Mahathir himself to wag the dog - to create smoke screens and confuse the population while you and your Barisan Nasional cohorts go about the business of government! Government as you know it! Stealing, plundering and exploiting what you can from the national coffers!   

Moderation? Killing Teoh Beng Hock, Kugan and Aminurayshid is moderation?

PDRM bullying, kicking and intimidating our people, charging at them with batons and smashing these batons into their limbs and bodies is moderation?

Hauling Anwar through the courts for Sodomy Two is moderation? Blowing up Altantuya with C4 is moderation? RM$500 Million for services rendered for Razak Baginda without any details or explanation to the people is moderation? Huh! I can go on and on with your claims of moderation – which strangely differs from that of the people.

Najib do not talk about diversity and moderation when you yourself understand what you do with these values is to advance your political agenda. You preach moderation when it suits your political agenda and then use physical and mental intimidation on those you perceived to be working against your Barisan Nasional interest by invoking the ISA.    

And then you said:

“Everything we have achieved, everything we have built and things dear to us will be destroyed. 

We should, therefore, value the prevailing peace, harmony and stability in the country,” in your message in conjunction with the 53rd National Day celebrations recently. 

Najib do not put the royal “WE” in what has been achieved in this country. What did you achieved in MINDEF but financial advantage for yourself and your cronies! And do not forget the absurdity of losing two Jet Engines! Need I say more? You did not achieve anything in MINDEF except confirmed Rosmah’s role as your bagman!

And since you became Prime Minister what have you achieved? Perak? Sodomy Two? Cold storage Altantuya? Keeping a tainted IGP in power? Everything for your personal gain or that of Barisan Nasional and you have the audacity to use the royal “WE” in claiming “the prevailing peace, harmony and stability in the country” is your doing!

Let me remind you that the peace, harmony and stability were already prevailing when you took over as Prime Minister. Today we have mosques and Masjids being desecrated. PDRM running amok. The Minister of Home Affairs declaring himself judge and jury as he goes about brandishing his Keris, making excuses for Malays insulting the Hindus with their cow heads demonstrations and throwing ISA detainees into jail until it is filled to the brim!

We are becoming a Police State and within an inch of getting there if we are not already there in everything but  name only. The people have no confidence in their ability to get protection from PDRM and justice from the judiciary. The peace and harmony that was already prevailing when you became Prime Minister is now more threatened and fragile then at the time you became Prime Minister. So much for you claiming the high road when what is the reality now contaminates the values we had held in reverence from the days before you and Mahathir!

Najib you have achieved nothing except to overwhelm us with your slogans and grand sounding 1Malaysia, New Economic Model, Government Transformation Plan and Economic Transformation Plan and what have you – spin expensively concocted by APCO! Expensive to the tune of RM$60 million at the last count! How I wish I could transform you!

"It will be a huge loss to the country if the talented, whom we have painstakingly nurtured, migrate in search of greener pastures just because of our failure to provide a conducive environment for them to contribute.”

And who in the first place drove these talented Malaysians away to search for greener pastures abroad because of the lack of “a conducive environment for them to contribute?” Barisan Nasion of course!

You also said “The question is whether we are courageous enough to break away from traditions and achieve the extraordinary.”

Yes we are courageous enough Najib. Yes we are! We started in the 2004 elections. The transformation that you have been talking about started not within the government but from without! The people were courageous enough to break away from tradition. After over 50 years of Barisan Nasional rule the people achieved the extraordinary and voted PR to rule in Five States. But the courage to do this extraordinary feat was done at the expense of your Barisan Nasional. So I suggest you do not ask the people to do another courageous break away from tradition lest they  put you out of office even before the 13th general elections by popular acclaim!

And that is why I say your Merdeka message was done with Malice aforethought. Nothing you ask us to do you really want us to do! Everything you said you want to do you will not do. Is that not you doing something with malice Aforethought? 

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  1. najis juz mouthing wat apco wrote for him ... he has too many dudes to please within umno.