Saturday 11 September 2010

ANITA MUI : Last song from her Last Concert.

in 2003 Anita Mui was suddenly diagnosed with cervical cancer, dying at the early age of 40. This is what she said before singing the last song of her last concert farewell concert:

The Voice from a Woman's Soul:

"Thanks. Do I look well in wedding dress?
But for me the right time for a wedding dress is past.

I had several chances to put on the wedding dress. But I missed it.

Support me don't marry!
(to Audiences)You support me what?
Go on supporting me----- don't marry? (here her voice chokes and she starts to shakes)
Every lady's dream is to possess her own wedding dress.

Own Wedding. I do believe that I myself don't have a chance now.

I'm a Singer and an Actress.
About the wedding dress, It's not the first time that I’ve put one on.
But every time it doesn't belong to me.

Finally I tell my partner….Liu Pei Jin:
"I do really want to put on my own wedding dress for only one time.
It does not matter that nobody will marry me. 

Make me one own wedding dress to show to everybody. 
One that really belongs to me.

Finally….look I do have one of my own!
One simple but ceremonious wedding dress
(again her voice chokes and she starts to shake)

Maybe only for one night…….tonight
for the whole night of this music concert, thereafter, it will be in storage.

Give it to you? (She smiles to audiences)

So this is life. Sometimes you think you will have what you wish for but fate is simply against me.
I thought I could marry when I was 28 or 30 years old.

And when I reach 32 I could have my own family, my own children…. But…. But it did not happened.
Now I am 40…. what do I have?
(To audiences)
.....I have you (my fans).
But I want to warn all of you.
If you are in love don't think for too long.
Your partner can be gone at any time.

The dream of woman and man are not the same.

The woman's dream is to have own family.

To have a good husband who loves her.

To have a life companion to grow old with and to be with her until the end of life.

But the fact is nothing you do, no matter how hard you try and all your efforts to work it out, it is just, just empty.

Aha, no problem, I can wait for Beckham, wait for his divorce!

But to wait for Liu De Hua is more than difficult. He is celibate! (She cries and laugh

Liu De Hua is a famous singer and actor, the man whom she loves. A man who has no intention of marrying)

The following is my last song of the concert. It contains many meanings, including the voice of my heart and soul. But I want to tell all of you, the sunset is beautiful, but in one second, it becomes the past. 
So we have to treasure each minute, each second,
I want to tell you, the sunset is beautiful, but it approaches the dust of my life.

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