Friday 10 September 2010

Cakap can write tonite!

Today is Friday 10th September. To some it is the first Day of the Id Festivities. To me it is a Friday. The day started well for me because when I powered my PC in the morning the first thing I came across was a message from my daughter in Facebook. Nothing can cheer me more then a note from her! She had a moment in between caring for Izzy (two years old) and Sofia (a few month old) and she wrote me the note to tell us that she would be moving house at the end of the month. With Sofia’s arrival the unit they were staying in was getting a bit too crowded. Half the unit was filled with Izzy’s things – mostly toys!

Next there were e-mails from people who had a few things to say about what I have been writing in steadyaku47. KS was not too overjoyed that I had “crucify Zaid as being distrustful”….one from Antares which are always insightful…and the others put their point of view across in their colorful ways. All the usual suspects…

Try as I might I could not get my mind to go into gear. Could not write a single line though I had thoughts a plenty in my head – but they simply refuse to flow out. So that I would not forget I wrote these thoughts down:

“Stop pissing people off!  The IGP, Petra and me too – we write and speak out because we are piss off with BN!”

“UMNO has turned financial mismanagement into an art form!”

“Malaysia is now a different country”

“I was told recently that if we dismantle UMNO we dismantle the Malays. If we destroy UMNO we destroy the Malays – because the history of UMNO and the Malays are entwined”.

These are just fragments of my thoughts as they occur. I know that if I do not write it down it will disappear forever from my thoughts in the time that it will take for me to draw my next breath! Possibly the onset of dementia is already creeping up on me – so I have a pen and paper around me at all times to write things down – in the hope that I can develop these fragments into something more tangible. Sometimes I will disagree with what I have jotted down and sometimes these are my response to something I read or seen on TV.

Most times that is how I get the click or spark to start writing. Sometimes it works sometimes it does not.

Today nothing works. At 8 p.m. I told myself this will not do. And so I sat down at my PC and tell myself to write. I place those pieces of paper with scribbles on them around me on the table and I scan these scribbles to try and jump-start my train of thoughts. Nope…still nothing!

Emails have been slowly trickling in mostly about the Zaid posting–and so as I said I would, I posted them on my blog unedited.

I remembered reading about UMNO intending to register new voters at their Open House during Hari Raya….what? How desperate are there? Now it seems that you need to be an UMNO member to be welcomed at their open house? Where got road lah!

More headaches for Najib with the ex IGP having the guts to give Din the one finger salute! I would be the first to agree that Din deserves that one finger salute more then anybody else  - but never before have there been any IGP that would dare to do that! Not even Tun Hanif (or maybe good manners and a proper upbringing had something to do with it!).

I guess this Din guy cannot get any respect from anybody – not even from an IGP who has been saluting him all this while. Tabek Tuan! …but I think you are a stupid idiot!...ahhh if only the IGP had the courage of his convictions. Ex PM talks about what they would like to do, ex Ministers talk about what they want to do…and now even ex IGP are also getting into the act. All ex KSU’s and ex MACC bosses please get into line!

Ok …cukup for now. Want to go and do some bonding with my better half. Just sit in the living room with her while she ignores me and concentrate on the telly! I know it is not much but it does makes me fell good and useful to know that I will be the first person she will ask if she wants a cup of coffee! Who do I ask? I make my own cup of coffee lah! Good night. 

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