Thursday 30 September 2010

This is NOT about Ibrahim Ali...may sound like him, act like him...

Let us have a fictional moment. There is a fictional crisis within UMNO because this son of Ali wants to use mutilation and beheading as a weapon against non-Malays. And this son of Ali from this fictional TerPaksa NGO cannot even understand why the non-Malays dislike him! He is just doing what he has been  told to do  by the powers that be...and getting amply rewarded for it too. A man has to live lah!

What will UMNO do with this fictional crisis? Officially UMNO says that what this son of Ali is doing is not entirely wrong (Malaysia is a democracy ma!) but it is not entirely right too (after all the Prime Minister is advocating 1 Malaysia!). So how?

Like a pack of wolves that can sense that UMNO has become old and feeble, this Son of Ali and his cohorts are encircling UMNO to see whom amongst the UMNO pack they can take down first. They think it is Najib. Mahathir agrees. Muhyiddin agrees. Under normal circumstances this pack of wolves led by this Son of Ali are timid around large groups of UMNO’s but they are not attacking UMNO. They are attacking Najib…….and friends in UMNO will do what is needed to isolate Najib for this son of Ali to do what he will with Najib.

And so the stage is set within UMNO for a “night of the long knives” …we know not what the end will herald for UMNO but we know that Najib will be the first to bite the dust!

So my friends worry not about this Son of Ali who wants to use mutilation and beheading as a weapon against non-Malays. He does not have the balls to even go on a diet even if his life depended on it ! Anyway this is just fiction! And like fiction this Son of Ali cannot be believed. Amen        


  1. Perkasa? Relevant? Syed, who you trying to fool?

    (I am sorry to borrow your site to post this long rebuttal I had prepared in response to an article - Perkasa - posted by Syed Akbar. Rgds)

    Looks like most readers have been wise enough to see through the charade of your falsehoods. Syed, you could have increased the mileage you expected, if you had written this piece in Malay. After all, you surely did not hope that the ordinary Malay would have understood the spin you were attempting to sell, did you, what with the success of our education policies at leaving the younger generation of Malays and others so seriously impaired and handicapped in their language skills?

    Why do you keep frightening the Malays over the potential loss of their political migh, t when you, for a fact, know that there is not even the remotest likelihood of this happening? Why make comparisons with Singapore? And, why lie about the alleged suffering of the Malays in Penang? What connection has Singapore with Penang? Why not make comparisons with the USA, where freedoms and equality are defended with such religious zeal, that none is discriminated against for reasons of race or religion. Where all have the right to the American Dream?

    On the same token, I note your other article on the setbacks India is experiencing at hosting the next Commonwealth Games? I, in fact, noticed some sneering sarcasm in your illustration of the difficulties India was facing and, your, rightly so, comments on the nation’s lack of emphasis and investments in basic public infra. I fully support your contentions and your depiction of the Indian elite as class and creed conscious bunch of callous and irresponsible fools. But, then again, do we not recognize an almost similar, although, a lesser extent, of public plunder in our own midst? Imagine the good and vast improvement to both rural and urban amenities that the RM 300 mil and RM 500 mil agency commissions and the billions misappropriated and stolen from the public’s coffers would have done in uplifting the life of our people. More schools and tertiary learning centers as well as could have been opened and families spared the pain and anguish of expensive financing and emotional separation. Does religion not provide us with any moral and ethical code of conduct?

  2. How is it that you had the impertinence of apologizing for Perkasa and in seeking for understanding of their agenda and, even had the temerity, to comparing Perkasa with other rights activists – HINDRAF, in particular. Do you not realize that there is no comparison when one demands a fatter share and a continuation of apartheid and the other is only asking for a rights to exist with dignity and honor? How can you be so obnoxiously and appallingly dishonest?

    And, yes, let us look at religion. Having failed to deceive all Malays with the Mahathirian racist propaganda, it appears that these extremist have now turned to exploiting religion to unite the Malays against the others. Does not religion teach us compassion and consideration ‘ the live and let live’ concept of mutuality and reciprocation? Why is the defiling of religion being tolerated by so-called ‘good Muslims’? Do moral bankrupts have no limits to their detestable conduct? They will obviously stop at nothing to confuse, deceive and lie , even to the extent of selling their souls to the devils and, believe me, devils, some of them are, to obtain what they crave for, regardless of the consequential cost to the nation and to its people.

    When, after years of living together, there are still degrading, outrageous and awkwardly misplaced suspicions amongst the races, then we have allowed ourselves to be entrapped in the diabolical schemes of those who advocate the most despicable, perfidious and treacherous form of racist politics ever known to our society.

    When practically all civilized nations have found common grounds amongst its citizenry, we are yet struggling, after centuries of living on the same space on this globe and after more than 50 years of UMNO rule, to find a middle-ground for acceptance and tolerance. This deadlock must end. The brainwashing and provocation must end. UMNO must break-out of its parochial racist attitudes. And, those in the periphery of national life, such as you, Syed, must consciously and, without fear and prejudice, contribute to repairing and redeeming this nation’s badly traumatized soul.

  3. Why blatantly dismiss any sincerity by implying that the Malays may lose their lands reserved to them to the others? Why pretend that Perkasa and the other ultras have any transcendent nobility in their virtues, when it is obvious from the way they have conducted their obnoxious offensive against the races in this country, that they stand for nothing more than provoking hatred between the Malays and the rest? And, yet, they commit their treachery so brazenly and shamelessly, with seeming impunity and complete immunity from prosecution?

    Has religion and moral guidance you received never instilled any honesty in your attitudes towards life and your fellow human beings? Why harp on the Malays losing their grip on politics, when, you know yourself, of the blatant lie in this argument? The fact that the Malay elites will continue to rape the country blind and keep using their 'rights and ketuanan' cries to degrade and insult the pride and dignity of their race, is indisputable.

    No one has any issue with policies to help those in need, but when the noble objectives of these policies are hijacked to satisfy the irrepressible greed and lust of a few, it will only invite scorn and resentment. There is no case over the structuring of policies that affect the development of our children to suit national priorities but, when the same policies have the effect of perverting the minds and attitudes of generations of young Malaysians and strip them of any capability to think and act rationally and professionally, then we have failed miserably.

    When every issue of national importance is coined in racist language and colored by the alleged imbalances in the political and economic might of the various ethnic groups that populate this nation then, what hope is there for any true sense of nationalism and patriotism? When people who have lived here for centuries, are constantly reminded that they are merely ‘guests’ and have limited rights dispensed at the pleasure of the Malays, and even have lesser rights that more recent immigrants on account of nothing other than the religious leanings, and are denied any right to equal and fair participation in practically all areas of human endeavor, when their children are denied any opportunity at a decent shot at life itself, then how do you think they would react to the lunacy of Perkasa and the like?