Wednesday 29 September 2010

Cakap cakap...anger!

Anger is an all-consuming emotion. It takes over your ability to rationalize a situation. It makes you throw caution to the wind. What matters is to act out the growing tide of fury within you that threatens to overcome your whole being. You lash out physically to get some relief from the boiling urges within you. It is as if with each physical action you can somehow allow the pent up feelings within you to dissipate – like the pressure cooker that needs to let out the steam building within itself.

Everything within you seems to rise in a crescendo that engulfs you at its zenith! And then you peak!

As you come down from this apex your emotion wobbles and searches within itself for control. It is not easy. Even as you calm yourself down burst of nervous energies from within you still wants to prolong your bubbling anger.

                       It takes time but time heals you. And then all is still.

You are again in control of your self and you start the process of analysing what had just happened. You try to rationalize your outburst. What triggered it? Were your actions justified? Did you physically hurt anybody? All manner of questions comes in and out of your head but now you know that anger is best left alone for it never does anybody any good. I was angry this morning! Stupid! Stupid!    

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